17 Pre-wedding Beauty Rituals From Around Indonesia

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Rich with its cultural traditions, the variety of Indonesia's beauty rituals have been passed by generation over generation, making it such an interesting topic to be discussed. To celebrate our country's Independence Day, let's find out more about the unique beauty traditions from every corner of Indonesia!

1. Tukang Piare
In Betawinese culture, the bride does various beauty rituals to be 'a queen for a day'. The bride is accompanied by a traditional beauty expert called as Tukang Piare. Tukang Piare will then monitor the bride's diet, gives jamu and beauty scrub while saying prayers during the treatment.

2. Ditangas
Still from the Betawi land, there is also ditangas tradition which is best explained as a sauna made with traditional spices. This routine cleanses the body as well as preventing the body of producing excessive sweat.

3. Batimung
This traditional spa with a steam method from Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, helps maintaining health. Aside from it, batimung also works to remove dead skin cells and boost the growth of new skin, so the bride will look radiant on the big day.

4. Ratus
In Java Island, ratus is one of the most favorite beauty routines before getting married. A mixture of herbal ingredients is used to steam all parts of the body. It is also said that ratus is also a great treatment for the reproductive organ.

5. Mohibadaa
This tradition is from Gorontalo. This treatment is in the form of a mask made from rice flour and spices that can be use for the face and skin.

6. Boreh
In Bali, boreh is made with a recipe that has been in the family for generations. Boreh mixture tends to be warm, but is believed to remove dead skin cells and brighten up the skin as well.

7. Flower Bath
Flower bath or mandi kembang has been in Javanese society for so long. It is believed that this tradition would cleanse the human's aura and changed the person's attitude into positive result because the mind and the soul has been cleansed.

8. Milk Bath
Beside flower bath, milk bath has also been a favorite ritual of Javanese princesses for centuries. Milk bath is believed to make you younger because it moisturizes the skin well. Even now, a lot of bride still chooses this beauty ritual because of the result.

9. Shirodara
This Balinese treatment works in a way of pouring a hot oil onto your sixth chakra, which is the "third eye" located in the middle of the temple. The intention is to get rid of wrinkles on the face because the muscle has now been relaxed.

10. Bebedakan
With this Melayu Pontianak routine, the bride should powder their face with a special ingredient for 40 days straight towards the big day. A cleaner and fresher skin should be the result of this method.

11. Betangas
In Palembang language, betangas means a steam bath that is being done by the bride two or three days before the wedding. This ritual will help getting rid of body odor and could even speed up fat burning and detoxifies the inner body.

12. Berinai
Still from Melayu land, this ritual is a tradition of giving a red color to the nails as a sign of a new bride that is being done the night before akad ceremony.

13. Jamu
Of course, you can't talk about traditional beauty routines without including jamu. This beverage has been a favorite of Javanese royal princesses because it has various beauty benefits, such as brightening up the skin, getting rid of pimples, and making the skin look youthful.

14. Bacoho
In Minahasa culture, bacoho can be identified as shower. This procedure is using nine types of traditional plants to wash your hair the night before the wedding.

15. Batengeh
Not only in Banjar and Palembang, the Minang culture also have a steam bath tradition called batengeh. The steam was made from boiled spiced water that is believed to maintain beauty, health, wellbeing, and getting rid of body odor as well.

16. Bercukur & Titek Gigi
Going back to Pontianak realm, this tradition tends to shave delicate hairs around the face area and to flatten the teeth of the bride.

17. Lulur
Who doesn't know lulur? Body treatment with tradisional Javanese scrubs is a favorite between the Keraton princesses. Even modern brides also love this procedure! The ingredients consist of turmeric and temu giring that will make you skin golden and luminous.


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