17 Modern Wedding Stage Design and Decor Inspirations You'll Love

by Belle Biarezky Apr 06, 2020 | 14:00 in Wedding Ideas  


The wedding stage is the most crucial decoration at an Indonesian wedding reception. For couples who are a fan of a minimalistic and contemporary look with an elegant feel, our wedding stage inspirations can be your visual references to have the most memorable decoration at your special day.

  • Photography: Elior Design

    Symmetrical Charm

    The panels arrangement, minimalistic wooden seats, and earthy tones represent the modern feel of the stage. The application of flowers and leaves adds elegance. Decoration by Elior Design.

  • Photography: Sokya Wedding House

    Modern Melayu

    Scandinavian seaters, minimalistic panels, and dried leaves, which are gorgeously collaborated each other, do not lessen the beauty of a nuptial in local custom. Decoration by Sokya Wedding.

  • Photography: raindropsdeco

    The Blooming Vines

    The panel design, decorative plants, and gradation of red give an attractive and charming dynamic. Decoration by Raindropsdeco.

  • Photography: Daydreaming Works

    Elegant Pastel

    To channel a vibrant feel, golden frames and hanging lamps are applied to the pastel-colored stage background. Decoration by Daydreaming Works.

  • Photography: Daydreaming Works

    Attractive Structures

    The spacious stage is well-managed by the decorator by applying dynamic paneling structures with tropical plants. Decoration by Daydreaming Works.

  • Photography: STEVE'S DECOR

    A Classical Warmth

    The atmosphere of autumn becomes romantic through those yellowing trees. A combination of an elegant beige sofa and a classic partition as the background offers a warm surrounding. Decoration by Steve's Decor.

  • Photography: Artsy Design

    Less is More

    Modern concept fits well for a mini wedding stage. An exploration of standing flowers as a focal point on the stage is truly bewitching. Decoration by Artsy Design.

  • Luxurious Monochrome

    A collaboration between the fringe elements and the patterned, wavy backdrop design creates a dramatic effect to this white-dominated modern stage. Decoration by Butterfly Event Styling.

  • Photography: Siblana Events

    Romantic Sparks

    The dangling decoration on the stage fits well with the majestic chandelier. Decoration by Siblana Events.

  • Photography: Elior Design

    The Scenic Grey

    This modern and minimalistic decorative arrangement is a great inspiration for outdoor stage concept. Decoration by Elior Design.

  • Photography: Elssy Design

    Geometrical Floral

    Newlyweds who love minimalistic style can still have a splendid stage through the application of a dynamic flower arrangement. Decoration by Elssy Design.

  • Photography: Daydreaming Works

    Vibrant and Pop

    Vibrant color for wedding stage? Why not. The decorator decided to match it with minimalistic linear accents and modern typography to make the whole look elegant. Decoration by Daydreaming Works.

  • Photography: Lotus Design

    The White Garden

    If geometrical patterns on a wedding stage are considered too light, an addition of some flower arrangements can offer an attractive visual. Decoration by Lotus Design.

  • Photography: Elssy Design

    Glamorous Metropolitan

    The inspiration of a metropolitan city was well executed through a contemporary installation as the background. Decoration by Elssy Design.

  • Photography: Lotus Design

    Nature Inspiration

    It is both calming and enchanting seeing a picture of a mountainous land as a stage which is creatively delivered in pixellated style. Decoration by Lotus Design.

  • Photography: Lotus Design

    A Humble Grace

    A line of a minimalistic sofa, textured grey backdrop, and a linear flower arrangement. The combination matches with couples who adore seeing the beauty in small details. Decoration by Lotus Design.

  • Photography: Daydreaming Works

    Japanese Influence

    Taking inspiration from Japanese interior for a wedding stage is indeed a fresh and up-to-date idea. Decoration by Daydreaming Works.

If references above give you an idea, now it is time to hunt for decoration vendors on our site to realize your dream wedding reception.


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