16 Easy Ways to Make Your Wife Happy

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Husbands, let us tell you a secret: Finding the key to a happy wife isn't as hard as you think. It doesn't necessarily require you to make grand gestures on a daily basis. In fact, the small things are what counts. So, trust us if you do these simple, sweet, and thoughtful things with full commitment and determination, you will put a smile on your wife's face and keep her happy each and every day. And a blissful wife will spread the joy throughout her entire family, so it's a win-win! Read on and learn about these 16 easy ways to make your wife happy:

  • Listen to her

    When she’s talking, asking you a question, complaining, or telling you about her hopes and dreams, listen carefully. Consider her perspective and listen with empathy so that you will understand her words – and its meanings – clearly. Fulfill her needs for a listener to show your love and respect for her mind and her point of view as a person.

  • Notice her

    With works and hectic family life, it’s easy to get distracted. But don’t let your wife feels ignored, neglected, or worse, forgotten. Pay close attention to her every day, see if there’s something new or different about her appearance, or maybe see if she looks like she could need some alone time to refresh her mind. Ask about her day and be thoroughly attentive to her needs. That way, you can cheer her up with small yet sincere and genuine compliments on her new look, or immediately know when she needs a helping hand with her works.

  • Express your gratitude

    Without a doubt, ‘thank you’ are two of the most powerful words you can say to your spouse. Make sure your wife knows how grateful you are for everything she has done for the family, the pride and joy she has brought with her accomplishments, for the sacrifices she made, or for merely existing and loving you. Be appreciative and don’t take anything she does for granted, as your gratitude will only make her excel more in everything that she does.

  • Help her around the house

    By sharing the responsibility of doing house chores, you’re helping to lighten the load for your wife and make her less stressed. Don’t wait until she asks you to do it, when you see something that needs to be done that’s still in your capability, just do it. Being married means having a partnership for life, including in keeping the house clean, comfortable, and homey, also in taking care of your children together. In fact, sharing household responsibilities helps to improve marital satisfaction and household happiness.

  • Respect her alone time

    It is important for your wife to prioritize her personal happiness because a happy wife will also bring joy to her family and vice versa. So, whenever you notice her running out of energy and excitement in living her life, tell her to get a breather. Let her explore her hobbies, reconnect with her friends, or simply taking some time alone doing whatever she likes to recharge. Don’t deny her right and needs to take some break along the way.

  • Be proud of her

    Having a proud husband is a sure way to make a wife happy. Hearing him brag about her cooking, how he shares her achievements or talents to his friends, or as simple as proudly holding her hands in public, will boost her confidence and level of happiness. These affirmations will also let her know that you are content with what she does and who she is, also approving the role she’s playing in your lives.

  • Express your love

    Sure, your wife knows you love her, but how often do you express it verbally? Saying ‘I love you’ might sounds cliché but do it constantly, and you’ll see the difference in your relationship and marriage. You can also give her sweet compliments like a simple ‘you’re beautiful’ or ‘you look great tonight,’ especially when she’s feeling the opposite! When she’s tired, stressed, or not feeling like herself, reaffirm her that she’s still the most beautiful and important person for you.

  • Take care of yourself

    Who doesn’t love having a healthy, well-kept, and attractive husband? Don’t depend on your wife to take care of your wellness and appearance, make the efforts to stay healthy by exercising, eat a balanced diet, take those vitamins, and maintain your look as if you’re still trying to make a good first impression on her. It shows your dedication to your wife because you want to be the best partner for her in every way.

  • Keep her on your mind

    You should try knowing everything about your wife, her likes and dislikes, her hobbies, passions, and dreams, also her personality and nature. That way, you can always keep her on your mind because she’s not a stranger to you, she’s your better half. She will truly feel loved if you remember her go-to menu at your favorite restaurant, know which flower she likes best, or avoid doing things she hates like spending too much time on your phone.

  • Make her a priority

    If you make your wife your number 1 priority in your life, then she will be a happy wife indeed. How should you do it? By doing even the simplest action like answering her calls, remembering important dates like anniversary or birthdays, be present around each other by putting that phone away when you’re with her, or by giving her the most precious gift of all: your time and attention. Easy, huh?

  • Support her

    A happy wife also means a fulfilled and actualized wife, so you should give her the freedom and encourage her to pursue her dreams. Whether if it’s to become a full-time mom, going back to school to get a higher degree, starting up a business, or achieving her career goals in the workplace, you should always be there to guide her path and support her.

  • Ask for her opinion

    By considering her opinion, she can see that her voice matters to you and that she is valued. So, never make a major life decision without consulting her first. Even if the two of you have contrasting judgment or perspective, never disregard her thoughts. By doing so, you can compromise and always meet each other halfway happily.

  • Say ‘sorry’ and make the effort to change

    When you make a mistake, don’t be too proud to say sorry. But don’t just say it merely to end the conversation as well, make an effort to actually change and improve, so that you wouldn’t be repeating those mistakes in the future. Trust us, your wife will appreciate these actions of yours.

  • Treat her gently

    Even when you’re feeling angry or upset, remember to be gentle with your words and approach towards her. Don’t say or do things that might hurt her – physically or mentally – and show how precious she is to you, even in the worst of times.

  • Be faithful

    How to make your wife eternally happy? Make her the only woman in your life. Always assure her that she has nothing to worry, that she is enough for you and that she’s the only one you would ever need. The next step is to avoid any temptation that might make you drift away from her and your family.

  • Be her best friend

    Marriage is so much more than just being lovers or husband and wife; it is about having a life companionship with someone you love the most. So aside from being her husband, leader, or provider, you should also be her best friend. Be someone she can talk to about anything, someone to confide in, the one she can laugh with, someone who she can be herself around with, also someone who will be there for her in bad or good times. Therefore, she will feel like she’s home around you and be blissfully happy inside and out.

What's you idea or tips on making your wife happy? Share it with us in the comment section below!


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