15 Mouthwatering Green Botanical Wedding Cake Ideas

by Natasza Kurniawan Feb 08, 2017 | 09:00 in Wedding Ideas  


Here's one crucial element that you and your guests will be looking forward to on the big dayâ€"your wedding cake! Remember that all eyes will be on your cake as you cut it with your new spouse, so having the perfect cake in terms of taste and looks is a must.

If you're planning a green botanical wedding, then this delectable treat should also be decorated with earthy elements to showcase your wedding theme. You'll be surprised to find that greenery is so versatile, you can add it to just about any style of cake you can think of. Click through the slideshow below to see our green botanical cake ideas.

  • Photography: Trynh Photography - Jen Huang

    Leafy Greens

    This is the easiest way to decorate your green botanical cake—just add leaves! As the saying goes, less is more. This understated cake will be especially suitable for a low-key, intimate celebration.

  • Photography: Claire Graham Photography - Branco Prata

    Clean and Contemporary

    This is one for the minimalist brides. Make your wedding cake stand out from the other all-white options by adding a hint of greenery. Instead of old-fashioned lace patterns, opt for clean finishes for a modern flair.

  • Photography: via Pinterest - The Edges Wedding Photography

    Wrapped in Wreaths

    Add a rustic vibe by playing around with earthy wreaths. Drawing inspiration from wild and mysterious forests, this cake will look great in a dreamy fairy-tale wedding. You can also add some flowers between the leaves.

  • Photography: Emily Wren Photography - Zoom Theory

    Succulents Are Back

    Succulents in weddings don’t need to be predictable or overdone. With so many shapes and types to choose from, succulents are a worthy addition to your green botanical wedding cake.

  • Photography: When He Found Her - City Savvy Imaging

    Hanging Cake

    Whether it’s hung upright or upside down, your suspended cake is a statement-making element that will catch the eye of every guest. These greenery-adorned hanging cakes will fit right into a laid-back bohemian wedding.

  • Photography: via Pinterest - Branco Prata

    Shades of Ombré

    Why not combine two trends into one tasty wedding cake? The blue cake on the left will be perfect for your upcoming seaside nuptials. There’s nothing like an ombre cake to represent the gradient colors of the rolling waves.

  • Photography: Bryce Covey Photography - Jose Villa Photography

    Classic White

    Here’s one for an elegant all-white wedding. Alongside greenery, place white flowers on your wedding cake. Limit the types of flowers so you can stick with an exact shade of white. You can always sprinkle some gold for a more glamorous effect.

  • Photography: Lavender & Twine - Kim Lyn Photography

    Glamorous Art Deco

    Even extravagant 1920s-inspired weddings still have room for green botanical cakes with a hint of art deco. This is a chance to explore many different geometric shapes and elements to add to your cake.

  • Photography: Roots of Life Photography - Blackbird Foto

    Luxurious Marble

    If you’re still in love with last year’s trendy marble cake, worry not as it can still be combined with the green botanical theme. Steal the classy looks above and ask your trusted baker to create your own special marble-meets-greenery cake.

  • Photography: 7 Eric Kelley - Tec Petaja

    Fresh Fruits

    As a refreshing touch, add fruits that aren’t just tasty to eat but also beautiful to look at—like pears, peaches, or different kinds of berries. If you’re planning a fall wedding, you can’t go wrong with this option.

  • Photography: Jose Villa Photography - Acqua Photo

    Unusual Colors

    Go beyond the safe shades of white and choose bolder colors for your wedding cake. Here, we have some examples of pink and blue cakes adorned with greenery. Don’t they look lovely?

  • Photography: Winsome and Wright - Axioo

    A Pop of Color

    If choosing a bold-colored base is too much for you, try this instead. Find flowers in your favorite shade and add them to your cake without removing all the leaves. This is an easy and subtle way to add some color to your cake.

  • Photography: Sally Pinera - Annie McElwain

    Naked Cake

    These unfrosted cakes won’t only add a warm atmosphere to your whole celebration, they’ll also last longer outdoors! Plus, they also look fantastic combined with greenery along with some fruits or flowers that you love.

  • Photography: O'Malley Photographers - Carmen Santorelli Photography

    Mixed Elements

    Don’t limit yourself to just one type of cake decoration. Mix-and-match leaves, succulents, fruits, or any other botanical element you can get your hands on. Dare yourself to think of a green botanical cake that no one has ever made before.

  • Photography: 13 via Weddbook - via Pinterest

    Playful Twist

    If none of these options are bold or interesting enough for you, add an unpredictable twist to your cake. For example, coat a tier of cake with vibrant gold icing. Anything you do, make sure it still looks good with greenery.



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