13 Signs You Have Found the One

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They say, when you know, you know. Well, having your gut feeling tells you that he's the Mr. Right you've been looking for is one way to be sure, but sometimes you need more clues to be reassured and convinced before taking the big leap in your relationship. So, what are the signs that can show you that you have truly found your soulmate? Take a closer look to these 13 points.

1. You feel supported

Whenever you need him, he's always there to help you out. He's your number one cheerleader and he will encourage you to pursue your dreams and hopes, even if he may not get it. He'll always find a way to cheer you up or simply lend you a pair of listening ears when all you need is someone to talk to.

2. You trust and respect each other

You feel safe around him and also when you're away from him because you know you can trust him, his action and his words, completely. The two of you also believe that your relationship is a precious thing so both of you will treat it respectfully and make sure you're not doing anything that can hurt each other.

3. You want to share all your experiences with him

You cherish the good memories you made with him and when he's not around you would wish he were there to share the things you experience so that you can make other memorable moments together. He makes you feel like he can make things feel more fun and exciting when he's around, you also appreciate his opinion and presence because he would enrich the experience.

4. You feel excited when thinking or planning a future with him

When you've found the one, little by little your mindset will be shifted from seeing things as 'me' into a 'we'. You will start to incorporate him into your future plans, dreams and goals, and you'll be excited about it! Suddenly the idea of growing old is not as scary anymore because you know you would have the right companion to spend the rest of your life together.

5. Your happiness is his happiness, and vice versa

It doesn't take much to be happy when you've found the one. As long as he's happy, you'll feel like everything will be just fine. And the same goes with him. He'll do most anything to put a smile on your face and turn your frown upside down simply because he loves to hear your laugh.

6. You get each other's quirks

When you have found the one, you wouldn't feel the need to be, look, and act perfect all the time. You can be yourself in front of each other, no matter how silly or awkward, and it's fine. Both of you are being understanding or even love you more thanks to the natural quirks and unique qualities that you possess.

7. You inspire and motivate each other

If your boyfriend always supports, inspires, encourages and motivates you to pursue your goals and dreams, he's a keeper. He's wouldn't be sabotaging, limiting or belittling your aspiration just because he's jealous or afraid that you might overshadow him. He would want you to achieve the best things in your life and he'll be there by your side to make sure you'll get to the top safely.

8. Your relationship just flows easily

Being in a relationship with the one feels easy and effortless. You don't feel like you have to do much to keep his attention or feel like you have to change yourself to make him like you even more, the two of you just clicked really well. It doesn't mean that your relationship won't face any obstacles, but when it does the two of you will be able to find the way out and solve the problem together.

9. You feel calm, content, and genuinely happy

When you have found your one true love, you will go through the days feeling calm, content and genuinely happy. Calm, because you know you gave your heart to right person who will take an extra good care of it and make sure not to break it. Content, because you don't feel the need to look further and have found everything you've looked for in him. Also, genuinely happy because he brought such simple joy and love that you can only find in a truly special someone.

10. Things feel different from past relationships

Being with him makes you understand why your past relationships didn't work out. With him, everything just feels natural and right; the two of you are being forgiving, you can talk about most anything, and aside from being lovers, you are each other's best friend.

11. You balance each other

Soulmates don't have to be two persons with identical personalities. The two of you could have opposing nature but the differences wouldn't break you apart, it will only enrich your relationship and make it balance. To sum it up, when you have found the one, you'll feel like you have found the yin to your yang.

12. Your values aligned

Though you have contrasting traits and habits, the right guy for you would have the same value and perspective as you in life. That way you can prioritize in the same things in life and walk together in the same direction towards a mutual goal.

13. He has seen the worst of you and love it anyway

Another concrete sign that you have found the one is when he decided to stay with you even when he has seen the worst of you. He embraces not only the pretty and positive side of you, but also your crankiness, meltdowns, mood swings, weakness, insecurities, or even illness. He loves you as a whole person, not only the tiny bits that looks perfect on the surface.

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