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12 Tahap dalam Susunan Acara Lamaran Pernikahan


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Engagement ceremony is an event a bride and her family look forward to. During the event, a groom-to-be and his family officially propose his bride-to-be to enter married life. Usually, the event is held about three to six months before the wedding day.

In Indonesia, different regions have their own wedding traditions. It sometimes creates confusion when a bride is drafting the rundown of her engagement processions. Practically, there is a universal outline that can be applied to any customs. Here, Kenanga Puspita, a wedding consultant at Hilda by Bridestory, shares the commonly-used rundown of the national-style engagement in Indonesia.

1. The arrival of the groom's extended family
The proposal procession begins when the groom's family arrives at the bride's house. Then, the family of the bride will welcome and invite them to enter the house or another venue where the event is taking place.

2. Presenting seserahan
Traditionally, seserahan is proof of the groom's responsibility towards the women he will marry. When the groom arrives, his family will be presenting the seserahan to the bride's family.

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3. The ceremony is officiated by MC
The MC will invite all of the guests to take seats. The MC, then, will welcome and thank everyone for being in the ceremony, followed by a prayer. . After that, the MC will explain the rundown of the ceremony. Usually, The MC will also add some general advice and also some stories of the soon-to-be husband and wife. Next, the MC will literally ask what is the purpose of the groom's family visit to the bride's family.

4. A response from a representative of the groom
A representative of the groom's family will inform the goal and purpose of their arrival. Then, he/she will literally ask the bride if she is willing to marry the groom.

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5. A response from a representative of the bride
The ceremony continues with the answers from the bride's family. After that, the representative will invite the bride and her father to confirm their willingness. Then, the bride will answer whether she accepts the proposal. If the bride says yes, both the bride and groom will exchange some symbols of love in the form of rings and gifts.

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6. Introduction to the family
The proposal ceremony, then, continues with a family introduction between both of the bride and groom sides. The groom's family will introduce each of their extended members that are present, so will the bride's family. Usually, the introduction is an icebreaker with short jokes and laughs to create an intimacy between two families.

7. Prayer
The engagement ceremony will be ended with a brief prayer to wish for a smooth process from planning to preparation. The prayer can be led by one of the family representatives or religious leaders.

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8. A farewell speech from the groom's family
Before the ceremony officially ends, the groom and his family will bid a farewell to all of the bride's families that were present.

9. A gratitude speech from the bride's family
After the farewell speech, the family of the bride will share their gratitudes toward the groom and his family for their visit and good intentions.

10.The bride and her family presenting back seserahan
The bride's family will return the seserahanto the groom's family. Based on the agreement they have previously called, the bride's family will offer seserahan that includes food or daily essentials for the groom.

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11. Lunch time
As a form of celebration and the end of the ceremony, both of the families will enjoy lunch together. The lunch time is also a bonding time for all of the members from both of the families.

12. Family picture session
All of the family members will gather to take a picture together before the groom and his family leave.

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For those of you who want to arrange engagement with Javanese customs, you can find out about Javanese seserahan click here to find it!

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