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12 Qualities Women Look for in a Future Husband

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Everyone has their type when it comes to dating. Some women like tall guys, some prefer ones with glasses, and some look for a man with sport or artistic talent. But it turns out when it comes to getting married, women not only look for a particular physical appearance. Beyond handsomeness and the ability to sweet talk, women want their future husband to have more substantial traits and qualities to have a solid and long-lasting marriage. So, read more to learn what women are actually and (should be) looking for in Mr. Right.

1. Chemistry

You know you have chemistry with a guy when you're always excited to see him, energized to be around him, or simply feel like you can easily engage in a conversation with him. Your relationship flows, and before you know it, you have formed a deep connection with each other. That what makes chemistry as important (or even more) than physical attributes, because you can't fake or force it even with someone you're so visually attracted to. So, when looking for a future husband, a woman tends to look if she shares any chemistry with him because if not, then the relationship can easily feel dull and disconnected.

2. Stability

When talking about stability, there are two kinds of it; emotional stability, is when a man has a healthy mental condition, the ability to remain stable and balanced, also staying calm and have self-control when facing a challenge. The second one is economic stability, which is crucial to have if you want to build a financially independent marriage and self-sufficient family.

3. Equality

Women nowadays won't simply bow to old marriage rules where the husband is the ultimate leader and the wife should always follow his sayings. Therefore, when looking for a future husband, ladies these days also look for someone who will see them as an equal in the partnership of marriage. Someone who will listen to their aspirations and support their goals, even a man who won't mind sharing his dominance around the house.

4. Protectiveness

No matter how independent a woman is, it is still important for her to have a future spouse that can make her feel safe and protected. Not only physically but also mentally. Aside from protecting his wife from bodily harm, most women want men who can defend their identity, preferences, dreams, and goals from other people who want to mentally-discourage her. As long as his protectiveness doesn't turn into possessiveness, over-jealousy, or abuse, women will appreciate a partner that always has her back.

5. Acceptance

Nobody's perfect and having someone who will accept and love you for who you truly are is something most women look for. If your future spouse is always trying to change something about you, maybe he's not the right person for you. Not only your good and pretty side, but you also need someone who loves your quirks, uniqueness, and your other imperfections. So, finding someone special who makes you feel comfortable in your own skin is something you should always consider when looking for Mr. Right.

6. Respectful Behavior

Of course, no one want a husband who is rude, disrespectful, or impolite. Most women will be attracted to well-mannered and chivalrous guys, who treat others (even ones in a weaker or lower position than him) fairly and respectfully. These kinds of men will be a great example and good father figure for their children, and that's what makes the women instinctively like them.

7. Compatible Personality

You don't need to have the exact same personality, likes, and dislikes with your future spouse, but it is important to have someone with a compatible personality. With a suitable set of characteristics, you will get along better also able to balance and complement each other out. Also, don't be appalled with a polarizing opposite just yet, because the difference might be good for your relationship and make it more colorful. As long as you feel like the two of you can adapt, have a good vibe, and in sync with each other.

8. Reliability

A reliable man is someone who walks the talk. He's not someone who gives empty promises, leave other people hanging, or act inconsistently with his belief. Because women also look for mental security, being dependable and responsible play a major part in deciding whether if you're the right man for her. They know having a reliable husband means they will always have a helping hand, someone who (at least try to) be on time, and someone to rely on when they need an extra support once in a while.

9. Compassion

We're talking about positive attitude, empathy, and kindness here. To have a good, kind-hearted husband is every woman's dream because he's also understanding, forgiving, and thoughtful. He's not selfish, on the contrary, he would listen and try to fulfill other people's needs before his own wish. Well, surely that's a quality that will attract the ladies.

10. Loyalty and faithfulness

What's a marriage without loyalty? A faithful man will always respect you and your relationship. He'll be committed to staying true to you even when there's a temptation. In a world where people get divorced so easily, being faithful is one way to show and set an example to your children on how to create a lasting bond and relationship. That's why a woman must find loyalty in her future spouse so she can be assured that he won't hurt or break her heart. As a couple, they also try to make the effort to fix the error in their relationship instead of simply ending it.

11. Resourcefulness
Intelligence and cleverness are things that make a man looks so alluring in a woman's eyes. But beyond that, women also want a future husband who's motivated, confident, and resourceful. Meaning that a man should have personal life goals and be ambitious enough to pursue it. A resourceful man also knows how to provide for his family, even in bad and difficult times, he would find a way and won't give up. As the opposite, a lazy, idle, and directionless man wouldn't be an ideal husband figure, because he has no dreams or initiative to get to the next level, in career, family, or life in general.

12. Trustworthiness

A trustworthy guy is open and honest. His partner wouldn't need to be overly suspicious or trying to decode his actions because what you see on him, is what you get. To build a strong marriage, you definitely need trust between the husband and wife. Otherwise, the two of you would spend the rest of your life living in fear and doubt that your spouse might lie or cheat on you. Having a trustworthy husband means you can easily share your life with each other because he has nothing to hide and committed to his words.

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