11 Important Words to Say to Your Spouse to Strengthen Your Relationship

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There are lots of way to keep the sparks alive in a marriage; going out on a date, celebrate your anniversary, have a romantic vacation without the kids. But the easiest and simplest way to do it is actually by saying certain words to each other, every day. Try it and see how these impactful verbal expressions can make a difference in your relationship. Read on as we spill the secrets:

1. "Good morning" and "good night"

Start your day by greeting each other with "good morning" and end it by saying "good night" to one another. This habit will make the two of you know that you're the first and last thing on each other's minds, even when there are lots of things filling your head throughout the day.

2. "Thank you"

By saying these two powerful words, your spouse will know how much you appreciate their efforts and grateful to have them in your life. You can say it to value the works they have done for the family, or even just for small daily things like helping you out with the house chores.

3. "Please"

When you need something from them, don't forget about courtesy and politeness. Otherwise, you might sound rude and demanding. Say the magic word to also give a great example for your children on how to behave nicely to other people.

4. "I'm sorry"

Never be too proud to say these words! It is very important for couples to acknowledge the mistake they made in a marriage also be mature and humble enough to apologize to their spouses. Well, hopefully you wouldn't need to say this on a daily basis, but when you need to, be sincere about it. Don't say it just to make your spouse stop being upset.

5. "You look great!"

No matter how long you've been married, never stop being flirty to each other. A small compliment will go a long way, it would make your spouse feel better about themselves, also be reassured about your attraction towards them. Again, you need to be sincere and genuine about it. This way, your spouse will know that you only have eyes for them.

6. "What do you think?"

Marriage is a partnership between the two of you so never forget to include your spouse in your decision-making process and consider their opinions. You want your spouse to feel like you're in this team together and that their voice matter to you. Communicate and compromise when there are two opposing ideas and don't let it come between the two of you.

7. "You're doing great!"

Show your spouse how much you're proud of their works and accomplishments. It will boost their confidence and make them know that you support them completely to pursue their dreams and goals. It doesn't have to be big achievements; you can also show that you're proud of them for cooking a new recipe or tackling a tricky crossword on the newspaper. Let them know that their hard work, no matter how big or small, is never gone unnoticed.

8. "I miss you"

When you're apart from each other, it's surely nice to have someone longing for your presence around them. You would never feel forgotten or left behind, because you know they are thinking about you constantly by saying how much they miss you. A healthy marriage consists of two people who love to be around each other, so naturally when they're far from one another, they would be missing their loved one.

9. "I forgive you"

More importantly than saying sorry, is to let your spouse know that you love them deep enough to forgive their errors. Forgiveness in one of the keys of a happy and long-lasting marriage, so no matter how hard it is, try to find it in your heart to say these words to your spouse. It doesn't mean that what they did don't hurt you or that their offense is okay, but it'll show them that you're willing to move on and learn to trust them again.

10. "I'm here for you"

Let your spouse know that they can rely on you completely, for better or worse. When your spouse is having a bad day or facing a difficulty, ask them what you can do to help them and say that you'll always be there for them. These heartfelt words will make your spouse feel supported and not alone when dealing with a challenging situation.

11. "I love you"

As often as you can, let your spouse know that you truly love them and never take them for granted. Don't assume that your spouse knows how much you love them without saying it, give the words of affirmation and see how much it can change the dynamic of your relationship. But aside from saying it, showing your love through your actions is just as important. So, it's your pick, either way make sure they know how much they mean to you.


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