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11 Common Mistakes Men Make in a Relationship


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It is a truth universally acknowledged that no man is made the same. It is peculiar though, how some women share the burden of having to bear the same mistake over and over again made by their partner. Today we present you the 11 mistakes commonly made by men in a relationship.

Ladies, check and see how many your man has on the list. Guys, please pay attention.

1. Coming late

One annoying mistake yet is very common. Not only does it annoy the one who has to wait for hours, it also decreases the couple's time together. Even when they are only a few minutes late, the act of being not punctual itself is not amiable.

2. No update on whereabouts

Even when being in a relationship, one needs to have his/her own life. This is true. But that doesn't mean not updating your girl on your whereabouts the whole day. This does not signal distrust, no. After all, isn't it just common practice to let your girl in on your whereabouts and doings?

3. Being Flirty

Simply put, if you are not single, don't act as if you are. If you want to keep acting single, then stay single. Period. You can always play your flirtatious cards on us, like the moment after we got all dolled up for a date night, and it would be highly appreciated.

4. Forgetting important dates

Men are not that good with dates, we understand. Yet it is still not an excuse to forget your partner's birthday or your anniversary. Take a minute to write down a reminder on your phone's calendar to avoid the disappointment and celebrate the special day together.

5. Not giving out right amount of "I love you"s

Women like hearing it every now and then, so please do say it. Not too much like tomorrow is the end of the world, but not too little that we forget that we are actually loved. Letting you in on a little secret, women love to say it back.

6. Not offering help or lacking initiative

Keep this in mind; no matter how independent a woman is, at her core she likes to be taken care of. In anything she seems troubled with or better yet on anything at all, offer to help her. Even if she says no, it delights her the same just to be asked.

7. Refusing to be introduced or not introducing enough

Ladies love public acknowledgement, the simplest form is enough. Not wanting to be introduced to her friends or not introducing her to your circle will make her think that she's not admitted as your partner.

8. Taking too long on replying important texts

An important text has a reason to be important. Knowing this, please reply accordingly and immediately. Thus, anxiety attacks and you wouldn't want that from your girls.

9. Hobbies or bros before ladies

Every man has one thing that he loves like he loves his woman. Automotive, games, sports, music, friends you name it. It is not wrong to indulge in your hobbies or have fun with your bros yet please do not forget that you have a lady that waits on you. Playing games until the break of dawn and not replying her text is simply not appreciated.

10. Only being physically present

Your significant other needs more than just your physical presence. Be really there, lay off your phone and listen to her stories. Believe us, the full commitment in sharing your time together will give you even more memorable moments in the relationship.

11. Simply hearing, not enough listening
"So I talked with Jill the other day, and she told me this amazing thing about the Law of Attraction"
"Wait, who's Jill?"
"My friend from work! I've told you millions of time yet you keep forgetting, do you even listen at all?"

Sound familiar? This might look simple but it harbors a great effect. Please don't just hear, but take more effort to actually listen to what the women are saying.

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