10 Wedding Taboos Every Brides Should Know About

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Wedding customs and traditions are still playing an important role even in these modern days, so as a bride you should be familiar with the dos and don'ts. Therefore, we gather 10 of the most popular wedding taboos you should be aware of and hopefully you'll have nothing but good luck for your big moment!

  • Attending funerals, wedding or visit a lady who just had a baby within three months before your wedding

    According to Chinese customs, doing so will result in bad luck for the bride-and-groom-to-be. A relative shouldn’t have their wedding date so closely to another relative’s wedding if they want all their relatives to attend. You can only hope that you don’t have to face such problem!

  • Holding a wedding after a parent’s death

    If a parent of the bride or the groom passed away before the wedding, the wedding must be postponed 100 days after the death or 1,000 days. This is deemed as a sign of respect for the deceased.

  • Meeting another bride on the wedding day

    This is believed to cause a “clash of luck” between the two parties. Should this happen, matchmakers or best men from both bridal parties must exchange red packets on the couple’s behalf to cancel out the clash.

  • Sleeping on the bridal bed before the wedding

    After the bridal bed is installed and blessed, it should be left empty. In case the groom must sleep on it, he must be accompanied by a young boy, preferably one who was born on the year of the dragon.

  • Lending out your wedding Lehenga

    Lending the Lehenga to another woman might bring good luck for the borrower. However, it is believed that your act of generosity can cause you bad luck!

  • Designing your own dress

    No matter how creative you are, it turns out that in Indian tradition designing your own dress can also bring bad luck.

  • Spilling Milk

    Both the bride’s and groom’s family should watch out for spilled milk. It is said that spilling milk in the families’ houses can bring misfortune to the couple.

  • Eating cucumbers and soy-based food leading up to your wedding

    According Malay tradition, brides and grooms-to-be shouldn’t be eating cucumbers or any soy-based food. Although there isn’t any scientific proof of it yet, it is believed to lower chance of fertility.

  • Meeting bride or groom within 30 days before the wedding

    This may not be convenient for Malay brides nowadays. But back when every wedding planning is done by the parents, the bride and groom should not meet in order to avoid lust. Some traditional Malays wouldn’t even meet their future spouse up to 40 days before the wedding!

  • Wearing your dress from top to bottom

    Wearing your clothes from top to bottom is believed to sweep your bridal beauty away. Nowadays, it does makes sense to avoid smudging your make up!

What do you think? Do you believe in such taboos or think it's just mere superstition? You can also tell us an interesting story about wedding taboos in the comment section below!


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