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10 Things to Do Right After You've Said "Yes"


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So you've just gotten engaged, congratulations! Seeing him get down on one knee and pop the question must've been so exciting, but the whole experience might leave you wondering, what now? Before you even start handpicking your bridesmaids, the flowers for your wedding arch, or your favorite shade of champagne, focus on these 10 important things to do right after you get engaged.

1. Start spreading the news

10 Things to Do Right After You

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Before you post anything on social media, meet your parents in person or at least give them a ring to share the great news. Next, post an engagement ring shot or video online once you're ready to tell the world about your engagement.

2. Get your ring insured

10 Things to Do Right After You

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Nobody wants to think about this possibility, but your precious ring might get lost or stolen one day. Before anything bad happens, get your ring insured. Call your jeweler or insurance agent immediately to ask about available jewelry insurance options.

3. Treat yourself to a manicure

10 Things to Do Right After You

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In the coming weeks, all your friends will want to see your ring in person. Pamper yourself with a manicure treatment to make sure your nails will look perfect at all times. Here's an idea, why not match your nail polish to your birthstone engagement ring?

4. Discuss your wedding plans

10 Things to Do Right After You

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You might have dreamed of a particular kind of wedding for years, and this is the time to tell your partner all about it. Start slowly with a casual talk over lunch or dinner before getting into deeper discussions. Don't forget to listen to what he wants as well.

5. Set your wedding budget

10 Things to Do Right After You

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Once you've had a general idea about your wedding, have another serious discussion about your wedding budget. Figure out who will be paying for what, and whether your parents will chip in or even foot the whole bill.

6. Prepare an engagement party

10 Things to Do Right After You

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If you and your fiancée have decided to have an engagement party, start planning right away. Don't hesitate to ask your closest friends and relatives for a helping hand, or even hire a professional wedding planner if necessary.

7. Make a simple to-do list

10 Things to Do Right After You

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Here comes the beginning of your wedding planning journey, but don't panic just yet. Start with a simple list of everything that you need to prepare, then break things down further along the way.

8. Start booking in-demand vendors

10 Things to Do Right After You

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If you're particularly fond of a certain venue or high-profile vendor, like a famous photographer or makeup artist, you better start contacting them. Act fast, as top wedding vendors can get booked as early as one year prior.

9. Get an engagement shoot

10 Things to Do Right After You10 Things to Do Right After You10 Things to Do Right After You

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For many couples, the pre-wedding photo shoot is an essential step to do before the wedding day. If you've decided to have one, start researching photographers and locations. Whatever the theme and setting, make sure the whole album represents your and personality as a couple.

10. Enjoy your time as a newly-engaged couple

10 Things to Do Right After You

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It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of wedding planning. But remember, the wedding day is only the beginning, and what comes after is more important. Don't forget to take some breaks from wedding planning and spend some quality time together to build a stronger relationship.

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