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10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me about Wedding Planning

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When it comes to planning a wedding, every bride-to-be's want to do her best in order to have the most perfect wedding day. However, sometimes 'her best' may not always cut it in the end. It is not uncommon that some brides end up regretting certain things they did prior to the wedding. Many brides wish they could have done certain things differently knowing what they know now. In order to help our readers avoid some common bride-to-be mistakes below are 10 things that one bride in particular wishes someone would have told her before about wedding planning. These were taken from her personal experience however, these advice can be useful for all bride-to-be's out there busy planning her perfect day.

1. The small details won't matter! Before the wedding, I was stressing out and worried about the décor looking perfect but then on the big day itself, those things never even crossed my mind. I wish I didn't waste my energy prior to the wedding worrying over something that won't make or break the day.

2. Do not neglect your relationship! I wish I invested more in my relationship and future marriage rather than only thinking about a one-day event. The first few months of my marriage were difficult because I simply didn't prepare for it – as I was too busy preparing for my wedding.

3. Things will go wrong on the day and it is okay! I wish I didn't worry too much about things having to go perfect because the reality is that some things will just go out of plan. Accepting that mistakes will happen would have made the planning less stressful.

4. Focus on the food and drinks! Nothing mattered much on the wedding day itself except for the food and drinks. I have learnt that if all else fails the most important thing is that everyone has had delicious food and good drinks.

5. You're never going to feel pretty or skinny enough. I wish I didn't stress too much about having to look absolutely perfect for my wedding day. It's good to look your best but my advice is that striving for perfection is just a silly goal to have even for the big day.

6. It might not be the best day of your life and it's okay! I used to think that my wedding day will and should be the happiest day of my life but the fact is that it wasn't. It's meant to be a day of celebration, sure but to place that high of an expectation of yourself is just a recipe for disaster.

7. Jot down the things and the people you want pictures of for your photographer. I wish I had a list of specific things I wanted pictures of. Don't assume your photographer will capture everything you want without you letting him know. This was probably one of my biggest regrets as there were a few moments and details of the wedding I wish I had pictures of.

8. Delegate the tasks and let go of wanting to control every single thing! This was one of my biggest challenges because I wanted to control and be involved in everything to the point of exhaustion. I've learnt that it is vital to have specific people do specific things for the wedding and have faith that they will do just fine.

9. Don't forget to take care of yourself! I got so worried and wrapped up in the wedding planning that I neglected my health and personal life a little bit. It is important to take care of yourself mentally and physically before the big day otherwise you will just drain your energy out by the time you will be needing it the most.

10. A help from professional wedding planner is worth every penny. If you're working or have a busy schedule, adding a hectic wedding-planning-agenda might lead to a disaster. Hiring a wedding planner will surely cost you more, but it's going to help you a lot during the planning process. You wouldn't feel like you're in this alone and it might save you more than just money, think about all of the trivial arguments and non-stop stress you can be spared from.

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