10 Signs You're Ready for Marriage

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Sometimes it can be hard to know whether or not you are ready to take your relationship to the next level such as marriage. You may feel completely happy and content with your relationship but that does not necessarily mean you are ready for what marriage will bring. Every marriage will be different and unique – there isn't a right or wrong way to go about it. However, there are certain traits, habits and behaviors, which you should have before you step into marriage if you want your relationship to last a lifetime. Below are 10 of the most common signs that someone is ready to be married:

1. You can actually commit. It's one thing to know that marriage requires commitment but it is another to be practicing it already in your current relationship. Remember that commitment only occurs when you are tempted to leave or stray but you choose to commit instead. Most of the time what happens is that people are committed when things are great but as soon as an issue comes up they run for the hills. You will not be able to survive marriage if you don't stay with your partner through the bad.

2. You fix your relationship issues instead of running from them. If the result of any conflict or issues you have with your partner is that you both come a solution then you're on the right track! But, if anytime things get tough and you find comfort in another person, distract yourself by keeping busy or neglect your partner then no, you are not ready for marriage. Issues are there in order for your partner to learn more about one another and to grow together as a couple – nothing else.

3. You fix your relationship immediately instead of bottling it up. What often happens with couples is that whenever there is a bit of a friction, disagreement, resentment, anger or whatever else that is uncomfortable to experience instead of speaking to their partner about it, they choose to bottle it up. You may think that by bottling it up or keeping it to yourself, you are saving yourself and your partner from 'trouble'. But, the fact is that marriage cannot last very long if both you and your partner are not in sync with one another.

4. You constantly improve on your communication skills. Everything and anything can always be misunderstood without good communication skills. Remember that almost 99% of the time it is not what you say that matters but how you say it. How good you are at communication can influence how healthy and happy your marriage will be. If you are constantly improving the way you communicate right now then you will be ready for marriage.

5. You are good at managing your finances. You don't have to have a lot of money first in order to be married. It is not about the amount that you or your partner has but about your skills in being able to manage your money well. If you know how to set your budget well and stay within the limit, how to prioritize your investments and how to put aside money to save up then managing your own household should not be too much of a challenge.

6. There is trust in the relationship. Couples often underestimate how important trusting your partner is in marriage. Trust is not only limited to trusting your partner not to cheat but also trusting him with your finance, with your family, with having your back if times get tough and with always being honest and open with you. When you don't have this yet in your relationship then this should be something to work on immediately. As without this, marriage will only highlight the lack of trust instead of mending it.

7. There is friendship in the relationship. Given that marriage is supposed to last a lifetime until death parts you and your partner, it is important to take into consideration the fact that you both will physically change. If what's tying your relationship with your partner is his physical looks and vice versa then it would be wise to work on the friendship between the two of you. Friendship is what will help the both of you enjoy growing old together. What's better than going through life with your best friend?

8. You both respect each other. Respect is something that often only exists when a couple is on their best behaviour but would easily be forgotten in the middle of a heated argument. Shouting, saying vulgar words or personally attacking your partner may feel good in the moment but once the argument is over and done with you will regret it. By the time you feel sorry, the damage would've already been done and you have your whole life to live with that in your marriage. Avoid disrespect at all cost otherwise your marriage will not last very long.

9. You both don't mind having serious conversations. Marriage is about partnership and making decisions together about every, single, thing. So, topics such as finance, children, in laws, bills, and household responsibilities will come up very often and if you aren't comfortable with talking about these things already then you're not ready yet. Don't wait until you are married to talk about these things – have them as soon as you both know you want to enter marriage together.

10. You are good at taking care of yourself. If you neglect your needs, don't invest in 'me-time' or do things that you know makes you feel crap then you are not ready for marriage let alone a serious relationship. You cannot expect to be able to take care of your husband and give him your best when you aren't doing the same for yourself. When you are off balanced mentally then your marriage will be affected. Get good at loving yourself and you will do just fine in your marriage.

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