10 Most Popular Pre-wedding Spots in South Korea

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When looking for beautiful locations for your pre-wedding photoshoot, South Korea won't disappoint. This country has every type of scenery you'd want for every concept of pre-wedding that you and your partner want to pursue. What's more is that most of these locations are easy to reach out using fast trains, buses, and MRT, so its' hassle-free. Check out our top picks of the best pre-wedding photoshoot locations in South Korea!

  • Jeju Island

    Who doesn’t know Jeju Island? Jeju’s pristine beaches offers flawless white sand and clear blue sea. Aside from that, the island has miles and miles of large flower fields that are filled with vibrant flowers all year long. Jeju also has a few caves that, if you and your couple dare, will provide an explorative one-of-a-kind photos.

  • Samcheong-dong Street

    If you want a more edgy, casual, yet intimate concept, Samcheong-dong Street is your go-to. This famous street is filled with arts and culture, and is dubbed as Seoul’s most stylish neighborhood. You and your partner can be captured in front of an artsy wall graffiti or having a coffee date in one of the hip cafes.

  • Bukchon Hanok Village

    Up next is one of the most popular traditional villages in Seoul, which is just a few minutes away from our previous location, Samcheong-dong Street. Bukchon Hanok Village is a real residential area with hundreds of traditional houses. You and your partner can also rent traditional Korean clothes called hanbok for an added cultural flair!

  • Nami Island

    Nami Island might be the furthest location from Seoul because it needs a train ride and a ferry ship to reach. However, the scenery in this small island is like no other. In autumn, you’ll find the leaves have a wide variety of colours, some are still green, some are beginning to yellow, and some are already bright orange and red.

  • Seoul Forest

    If you want a nature filled location that isn’t dependent on the season, you should head on to Seoul Forest. There is a forest path that is lined by tall trees, where you and your partner can stand in the middle and capture the beauty of the forest. In the summer, the leaves are bright green, while during autumn, the trees turn orange, and in winter, it resembles the famous scene in the popular "Winter Sonata" series.

  • Seonyudo Park

    Seonyudo Park is known for their cherry blossoms in the spring. The park lights up in the color of pastel pink, perfect for an ethereal and romantic photoshoot. The park also overlooks the Han River and Rainbow Bridge which are amazing as a background during the evening.

  • Yogma Land

    Yogma Land is an abandoned theme park located in the outskirts of Seoul. This place is definitely a hidden gem where you and your partner can play around the park's colorful facilities that are still standing.

  • Gyeongbokgung Palace

    The Gyeongbokgung Palace is just one of the many historical palaces that you can find in South Korea. It has the most beautiful architecture and is bursting with historic tales. If you and your partner are wearing hanbok, this is the perfect place to create pictures with a classic ambience.

  • Deoksugung Palace

    What differentiates Deoksugung from other palaces is that this one has the view of the city in the back. The flashy metropolitan buildings behind the castle offers a distinctive beautiful contrast.

  • Kyung Hee University

    Kyung Hee University is known as one of the most beautiful universities in South Korea. The campus looks like you’ve been teleported to an ancient castle, as it has buildings with stunning European gothic and renaissance architectures.

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