10 Ideas for Non-Beach Honeymoon Destinations

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Take a look on arrays of non-beach honeymoon options down here, when you've found one, start your planning right away!

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    Urban escapes

    There are many cities around the world that will amaze you with their characters. When you're looking for a laid-back environment with friendly weather, you can choose European cities rich in stunning, centuries-old architecture and enjoyable cafés perfect for people-watching, such as London, Paris, or anywhere in Italy. If you're more fond of exciting cities with colorful nightlife and fast-paced lifestyles, then New York, Hong Kong, or Tokyo might be perfect for you.

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    Serene countryside

    As much as cosmopolitan cities excite us, sometimes a honeymoon is better enjoyed in quieter places, like the countryside. You can look for peaceful, bucolic areas near your favorite city. For example, instead of Tokyo, you can go to Sapporo or Hokkaido and instead of Prague, there is Cesky Krumlov. Another idea is choosing a hotel close to beautiful vineyards, like the Yarra Valley in Australia or the Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate in California, USA. Do some careful research about the place you're planning to go to, as it might not be tourist-friendly destination that's easy to navigate without knowing the local language.

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    Breathtaking mountaintop

    For this one, it would be better to make your visit in early winter when the mountains are covered in snow, leaving you with a view to remember. There are also various activities that you can try, such as snowboarding, skiing, or simply enjoying your time together with a glass of hot chocolate. In Asia, you can try Phoenix Park in South Korea or the famous Mount Fuji in Japan. If you'd like to go further north, you can go to St. Moritz in Switzerland or even enjoy the hot springs in Alaska.

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    Adventurous journey

    For a safari adventure, there is no place like Africa. Kenya and Tanzania in East Africa have long been popular options, but you are really spoiled for choice throughout the continent. If the both of you love wildlife and nature, don't think twice about arranging your honeymoon here. Another great option for thrill seekers is taking a desert safari tour in Dubai. After seeing the stunning golden sandy wilderness, we bet you'll easily fall in love.

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    Fun road trip

    If you often feel that you never have time for road trips, this might be the chance to finally take some time off. There could be some surprises along the way, and the memories will be some of the best wedding gifts you will have. If you decide to go on the road with your beloved, take some time to search for a time that is in line with your holidays and plan a travel route carefully.

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    Back-to-nature camping

    The idea of glamorous camping, or glamping, seems to be on the rise these days. One thing to consider for this is the budget you have. Though camping might sound affordable, this particular kind involves luxurious tents and facilities. Even though there aren't that many options, what’s available today will give you an experience of a lifetime. You can try the Moonlight Camp surrounded by the famous Lookout Rock and Blackfoot River in Montana, USA, or Amanwana on Moyo Island, Indonesia, which has two types of luxury tents.

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    A royal abode

    Who doesn’t want to be treated as royals on their honeymoon? Give yourself a chance to experience a stay that's fit for a king and queen with a castle-turned-hotel. The United Kingdom is home to this type of hotel, such as the Ashford Castle in Galway City, the Langley Castle in Northumbrian Valley, the Inverlochy Castel in Torlundy, the Dromoland Castle in Ireland, and many others. Before you book, don’t forget to check your honeymoon budget, but we're sure it's worth every pence you spend.

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    Serene rainforest lodge

    The calm and refreshing atmosphere of a lodge surrounded by leafy things is an irresistible invitation for a honeymoon. Many famous lodgings of this type are located in Costa Rica and Malaysia. If you're looking for a not-so-mainstream stay, you can try out tree-house hotels that range from budget-friendly to luxurious. However, the true natural feeling is often experienced more in an eco-traditional tree house. A luxurious one has usually been modified to meet the guest's comfort and feels like any other hotel, but with big trees as surroundings.

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    Romantic cruising

    Get ready for a honeymoon cruise! Going on a cruise is a great way to visit different countries, depending on the route you choose. Check out the Royal Caribbean or Princess Cruise, or Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ Mariner if you want to splurge on a lavish option. Here’s an exciting one, Disney Cruise, a cruise line based on Disneyland. If you're a fan, you should definitely try it out. Find out more about the available routes and choose the package that suits your time best.

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    Memorable charity journey

    If the both of you consider volunteering to be more rewarding than the usual honeymoon trip, you should definitely consider this option. Doing charity work doesn't mean that you need to shy away from well-maintained and stylish accommodations. Today, there are many social organizations that can arrange this kind of experience for you. For instance, you can stay in a cozy lakeside inn while volunteering as a teacher in Argentina. Find more information online about honeymoon volunteering trips and get ready for a truly enriching life experience.

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