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10 Easy Ways to Get Married at Home

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Photography: Aimee Westcott

When it comes to picking a wedding venue, most couples tend to overlook the fact that there's a familiar, comfy and beautiful place that can be the perfect spot to hold such special celebration. By getting married at your own house, you wouldn't need to think about availability, prices and other couples to compete with. Here's 10 easy ways to transform your home-sweet-home into an unforgettable wedding venue.

1. Consider your house space
It's advisable for you to consider the number of guests invited with the space you have. Also, if you'd like to have a different spot for ceremony and reception, it's more doable in a house with a backyard or a garden. If your house is around 1,500 square feet, then the approximate ideal number of guests invited will be a maximum of 30 people, learn on how to effectively decorate a small wedding space here.

2. Make sure of the local regulation
You might need to notify your neighbors (or even invite them) when you want to arrange a wedding party in your house. Bear in mind that there are some local regulations that will not permit any parties in a neighborhood for noise and disturbance concerns.

3. Re-check your house insurance
Does your premise insurance cover both your building and your guests? You should double check on this. It's a very important thing to avoid any liabilities you might face on your wedding day in case of hazards, accidents, and other unpredictable events.

4. Have a checklist on rental stuffs
You will need to rent a lot of stuff such as tableware, table and chairs, and even some decoration stuff like table linens, centerpieces, and many more. Make sure you rent enough chairs to accommodate all your guests during your ceremony while for the reception you could remove half of the chairs and simply make group circles to let your guests mingle easily.

5. Always adorn it with your personal things
One of the reasons you decide to have your wedding in your house might be because of the memory it holds since your childhood. Don't take away your childhood photo displays, you could always use them as part of your wedding corner. It can also be wonderful for your guests to see.

6. Don't forget to plant early
Instead of buying flowers for your wedding, you could always plant early. If you're not the gardening type, do some research as different flowers need different time to grow.

7. Ensure your house electricity power
This is another thing you have to double check. When having a party, you'll probably use more if not all the air-conditioners and lights you have. If you're afraid you might have a power shortage, you could always rent a electric generator.

8. Get help from the pros
It's better if you could bring along the pros to help you do your wedding preparation. If you decided to let the pros handle your decoration, don't forget to give them a detailed explanation on what you expect in your wedding and which areas that you will use during the day.

9. Plan for weather emergencies
When you plan to have your wedding in a garden or backyard, always prepare for the weather. You could simply rent a tent but make sure that you rent it from the professionals to make sure its sturdiness.

10. Prepare for your guests' needs
This is another thing you need to prepare besides in-house accommodation — parking. Even if it's only 10 cars, you need to firstly make sure where your guests can park their cars.

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