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Song for video montage - All We Need In Common
by Your Love Song

Updated on 29 May 2017, Singapore

This song was used as a quirky video montage background music. The couple used it again for their champagne ceremony. The song is about how different they are, yet complement each other in the relationship. M: Baby, you know love is never easy It takes a special kind of connection to make it through F: Oh baby you know how we disagree But we could always find something in each other that makes love true M: I’ve a lot of patience F: I can’t stand to wait M: I’m a real big spender F: That’s not something I can tolerate T: But love, love makes us blind It keeps us content and renders us stable Helps us cast our differences aside It’s what we’ve been doing since the twenty-sixth of April M: It’s all about the way you touch me F: It’s in the little sweet things you do T: All we need in common is this little thing called love M: You and I, two very different people we are I never could be as friendly and open as you F: It’s not like we could see eye to eye on everything There’s no way a Martian and Venusian could share all the same views

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