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Shayan & Priya Indian Wedding || Wedding Trailer by Garry
by valentinogarry

Updated on 15 April 2019, Bali

Shayan and Priya. I have so much love for this couple. Even though I only met them briefly, it wasn’t hard to fall in love with them and their whole family. There are three things at the top of my mind when I think about Shayan and Priya’s wedding celebration: Intercultural festivities. I like the mix of cultures in their wedding. Their family and friends come from different backgrounds, different countries, are of different race and spoke with different accents. And how they all came together was beautiful. It was like the perfect melting pot, a fine mix of Indian and Western cultures. I love how festive the celebration was, and how they included the traditions from many cultures. Heart. Shayan and Priya’s wedding had a lot of heart. I mean, yes, wedding are never without heart. But this one especially had a lot of heart. Everyone were just so busy being themselves that I got to capture their most real sides. And their realest had a lot of heart and a lot of love for Shayan and Priya. The words that were spoken, the way they danced to their hearts’ content, the way Priya looks at her father and hugs her mother … It doesn’t take a genius to know just how much love there was at this wedding. Shayan. He is one of the humblest man I have met. He let his bride be a happy bride on their wedding day. He lets Priya be Priya. He may have looked nervous at the ceremony, but that didn’t diminish any thoughts of the love he may have for his bride. He looked like he loved her with all of his being, and that especially was beautiful to witness. I can’t name just one favorite scene I have in this trailer. This 11-minute film is made up of many moments that makes you want to cry and laugh and cry again and then laugh again. We can’t make this stuff up. This was all Shayan and Priya… celebrating their love in the most wonderful festivity. Congratulations, Shayan and Priya. Here is to your forever! Cheers, Garry

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