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Pre-Wedding Photography, Videography and Bridal Hair & Makeup Service for a Lovely Chinese Couple in Paris, France
by TheSnapshotCafe

Updated on 15 July 2022, Paris (Ile-de-France)

Paris, one of the most beautiful, full of love, cultural and romantic cities in the world. For professional photographers and videographers like us, it is a heaven. We came here again to provide a pre-wedding photography, videography and bridal hair & makeup service. We had a memorable shoot with this stylish, loving and friendly multi-heritage couple from Australia. This couple is travellers. They came all the way from Australia to Europe to visit some cities and relatives who based in Europe, and they wanted a pre-wedding shoot in Paris before going back to their country. We arrived two days earlier to for another couple's Paris pre-wedding shoot. After that, we met this lovely couple and started our bridal makeup & hair service very early in the morning (around 3am). Our first location is Eiffel Tower. We took some amazing photos and video clips around the tower before going to the others locations: Petit Palais, Pont Alexandre III, Champs-Élysées

, Place Colette
 and Louvre Museum. We have changed our pretty bride to be's hair and makeup look 3 times during the day. The couple has also changed their outfits. The bride to be had her hair and makeup matching the dresses. We have been to Paris many times before. Whenever we visit for providing our pre-wedding or/and wedding service to our couples, we see same excitement on their faces. Around these locations, we have also seen many professional photographers taking their couples' romantic pre-wedding or wedding photos especially around Eiffel Tower. Louvre Museum is always illuminated by the romantic lights every night. We took our couple's romantic intimate photos there with our special lighting equipments. We have finished our shooting around 11pm in the evening. It was a very long and tiring day for us also for the couple, but it all worths when we see the perfect result. We wish them all the best and have a happy married life ever-after! Thank you 巴黎,世界上最美麗、充滿愛、文化和浪漫的城市之一。對於像我們-專業攝影師和錄像師來說,這裡簡直就是天堂。我們再次來到這裡提供婚紗攝影、錄像和新娘髮型和化妝服務。我們與這對來自澳洲的時尚、充滿愛心和友好的新人一起拍攝了難忘的婚紗攝影之旅。 這對新人是旅行者。他們從澳洲遠道而來歐洲,拜訪親戚和去一些歐洲城市,他們想在回國前在巴黎拍個婚紗照。我們兩天前到達,為另一對新人拍巴黎婚紗攝影。隔日一大早(凌晨 3 點左右)開始為我們的新娘化妝和弄頭髮設計。我們的第一個地點是埃菲爾鐵塔。之後前往其他地點:小皇宮、亞歷山大三世橋、香榭麗舍大街、科萊特廣場和盧浮宮博物館。 我們為漂亮新娘改妝 3 次。男朋友也換了衣服。新娘的髮型和妝容要要與禮服相配。 我們以前去過巴黎很多次。每當我們訪問為我們的夫婦提供我們的婚紗攝影或/和婚禮服務時,我們都會在他們的臉上看到同樣的興奮。在這些地方,我們還看到許多專業攝影師為他們的新人拍攝浪漫的照片,尤其是在埃菲爾鐵塔附近。 盧浮宮每晚都被浪漫的燈光照亮。我們用我們的特殊照明設備在那裡拍攝了我們新人的浪漫親密照片。 我們在晚上 11 點左右完成了拍攝。對我們這對夫婦來說,這也是漫長而累人的一天,但當我們看到完美的結果時,這一切都是值得的。 我們祝愿他們一切順利,從此過上幸福的婚姻生活。隨時在我們的 Facebook 頁面、我們的網站以及我們的 Youtube 和 Vimeo 頻道上查看他們的照片、精彩錄像以及直播剪輯。 謝謝 #Parispreweddingphotographer #Parispreweddingvideographer #Parispreweddingbridalhairmakeup #LouvreMuseumpreweddingphoto #LouvreMuseumpreweddingphotoshoot #EiffelTowerpreweddingphoto #EiffelTowerpreweddingphotoshoot #盧浮宮博物館

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