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Yong Tat & May // prewedding concept video // hokkien songs // love story by Teck Kuan // 2014
by The Next Chapter Film

Updated on 13 November 2017, Singapore

//食为先 food is our middle name\\ When Yong Tat and May approached me and asked if I could shoot a prewedding video for them, with very local Singlish flavours and to use 'hokkien' songs, I was really unsure how I could approach it. But now, I'm really pleased to be able to share this video with all my friends. We have been good friends for a decade. it wasn't difficult to shoot their story because I've witnessed how they were just friends and now, they're lovers for life. The entire script was written by Yong Tat himself and after some translation into a storyboard, we started with the shoot. Now here's their story: 人们常说 “不打不相识”,荣达和美君这对欢喜冤家,从初级学院的日子就认识了彼此。虽然说他们一开始,可不是一见钟情,但是他们的生活里,往往脱离不了跟吃有关的种种事情。想当年,他们就是因为需要一起策划课外活动迎新营的饮食安排,而开始讨厌彼此。从初级学院毕业后,他们两人各分东西,但因为我们这一群好朋友都有时常来往,所以都有保持联络,时常一起出门玩。久而久之,他们慢慢地对彼此产生了感觉。他们在一起也有五年多了,终于在今年五月十七日,两人一起踏上了红地毯,开始了他们婚姻的旅程。 说到这里,故事也到了尾声,但这只是他们人生的第一篇章,他们还有好多未开始的篇章等待着他们慢慢地编写。但是现在,想必你们可能非常好奇,都非常想要知道他们那时候在国初的时候,最后到底是选择了自助餐,还是选择一包一包的打包晚餐呢?我其实做完整个录影过后,我问过荣达,他说:“你说呢?我那时候是活动的副总,我才懒得管她们,我没再问过她们。” 在这里,我要祝福我这对好朋友,祝他们永远幸福快乐,早生贵子。 Filmed and edited by Teck Kuan

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