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Jing Ru & Wai Mun // wedding solemnisation // ROM // wedding dinner // same day edit express highlight by Teck Kuan // 2014
by The Next Chapter Film

Updated on 13 November 2017, Singapore

//决定 decision\\ "决定", in English, means decision. At certain points in time, there'll come a point in time when everyone has to make decisions. Some may be major, to the extent that it is life-changing, others may be minor, so trivial that we can make a choice in a blink of an eye. We may have a tough time to decide on what to do, procrastinate our decisions and think it it is too early to do so or simply because we don't have to courage to face the consequences. For Jing Ru, he had to decide on whether or not to take a leap of faith in his life at a Global Immersion Programme during his NTU days. It might not have been a love at first sight for Wai Mun and Jing Ru but through their days together in Shanghai, he mustered courage and broke through his barrier of procrastination five years ago when he asked Wai Mun to be his girlfriend. His decision beautifully transformed his life ahead as he married the love of his life. Regardless of its language, their vows were emotionally executed as they were everyone's centre of attraction. It seemed as though we could feel their love for each other from their tone and facial expressions. If there were anything we could take away from their story, it'd be that we would never be at the losing end of being courageous to pursue the love we seek, so go forth and seek love. Congratulations to Wai Mun and Jing Ru on their union as they embark on their next chapter together in life. Filmed by Teck Kuan & Zhen Jie Edited by Teck Kuan Photographed by Alwin, Trouvé Wedding venue at Fairmont Singapore

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