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Abe & Loisa: Rehearsing Married Life
by The Beauty Artisan: Pro High Definition Makeup by Jet Guison

Updated on 23 January 2018

By: Habi Collective Media

This here is the second time we're shooting an interracial pairing, but it still amazes us how two persons growing up in completely different countries and cultures could end up together; laughing non-stop at each other's quirks actually, but isn't laughter one of the best ways to tie two people closer? Abe and Loisa met at an online forum talking about, of all things, Detective Conan. But none of that geekery is evident here, for they chose to head outdoors and do one of the things they like doing together: travel. We took them to some of our secret spots in Bontoc and Sagada, and just let them be. They were joking how the milieus allowed them to practise how it is like to be married (a long-ish prospect, given that this set was shot a full year before their actual wedding). But they relished the moments -- eating breakfast, teasing each other under the sheets, even caring for Mayor da Dog who stood in for their future child :D It IS crazy seeing them laugh in almost all shots. They've been a couple for several years now but their energy is comparable to that of newly dating high school sweethearts. Our jaws were simply dropping with disbelief. If love is to be like this -- ever new, and ever young -- now, where do we sign up? Kidding aside, one of our favorite moments during this shoot was when Abe, a South Korean, enthusiastically donned a Barong Tagalog, signalling his utter willingness to embrace Filipino culture, warts and all. Loisa afterward changed into a decades-old hanbok lent to her by Abe's mom -- and this is what struck us the most. An heirloom piece, with nary a spot nor a gnarled thread in place, is entrusted to the woman whom her son is going to marry: an act of complete trust and surrender from one lady to another. Loisa knows the deep symbolism of this; she is both humbled and honored.

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