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IDR 39,500,000


400 Pax
0% Installment with Bridestory Pay Badge
3 Month IDR 13,166,666++ each month
6 Month IDR 6,583,333++ each month
12 Month IDR 3,291,666++ each month
24 Month IDR 1,645,833++ each month
Calculated based on minimum order & exclusive of bank service fees
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Sirih Gading Catering

Catering Package 400 Pax

by Sirih Gading Catering — Wedding Catering

  • 400 Pax
  • Buffet & 5 Stall
  • Free MC Akad


MAIN BUFFET 320 Portions (80%) of Fullset Buffet A 270 Portions at Main Buffet, 50 Portions at VIP Buffet Consist of: 1 Appetizer/Soup Mains: Steamed Rice 1 Choice of Fried Rice 1 Choice of Chicken 1 Choice of Beef 1 Vegetable Prawn Chip Desserts & Beverages: Assorted sliced fruits Mini snacks 2 Types of Pudding 1 Juice: Guava/Soursop 1 Soda Lemon Infused Water Mineral Water FOOD STALLS: 125 Portions of Lasagna 125 Portions of Zuppa Soup 125 Portions of Dimsum 125 Portions of Ice Cendol 125 Portions of Bakwan Malang 50 Portions Lontong Opor after Akad (incl coffee and tea) Choice of food stall can be changed based on your preferred menu.

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