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by Sotiris Tsakanikas Photography

Updated on 08 November 2017

BELLINI SEQUIVAS Sequivas = a fun-loving, crazy-in-love, Italian and Greek couple of gorgeously super-stylish lovebirds (and their amazing friends) married in Sifnos showing us how it’s really done ! Her last name is Sequino, his is Kalyvas; Add a dash of agony, a few drops of mystery, some fizzy eye-contact, a spritz of good luck, her peach colored lips , a dab of gut, and a lighter (yes a lighter) and there you have it ! Next thing you know you are filled with amore and you are having an amazing cocktail of love : The Sequivas. But wait, what? Dimitris studies in Italy. Like all Greeks he won’t say no to a night out with buddies. But little does he know that he’s about to be swept off his feet, meeting the girl who will one day become his wife; Until he does. And she’s heaven ! And she glows like a movie star, and her name’s Nicoletta and his heart is beating so fast he can hardly speak to her. Yup, boys do fall in love as presto ! But hey, she’s about to leave the place and he still hasn’t grabbed the chance to ask her out, and god knows if they’ll ever meet again, what are the chances ? Hey look, there’s a lighter on the table , and there she is … leaving.. so he runs after her, asks nicely if she’s dropped it. This would make such a lame excuse to start up conversation, right? But hey, for them it was perfect. Cause they do chat, and they do get to know one-another, and they fall in love so sweetly ! And they ARE getting married. I met with their best man on board, three days before the wedding took place, as we were all heading to the island of Sifnos. Most of their friends were on board as well. I heard their stories and you know how it goes when you’re Italian, or have lived in Milan for so long. It rubs off on you, gives you that air that’s so irresistible, stylish and beckoning. I felt so lucky to see the couple, sophisticated, loving, youthful and beautiful ! I was certain that the following three days were going to be unforgettable. The night before the wedding was magical. All of us we were drinking and dancing for this beautiful couple and at the end of the night, right before dawn (and surprisingly without the police knocking on our doors), Dimitris and Nicoletta were still dancing and hugging on the bar and everyone watched them with their lighters on fire, reminding them of the night when the first met in Milan.

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