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Together, We Won't Be Lost - Ivan & Janice
by Rangga Kioe Film

Updated on 18 November 2017, Bandung

"How did you guys met each other?” That question is definitely one of my favorite question while we get to know each couple. Why? Simply because you will find out how people meet each other in an unexpected place, way and time. A few years ago, in the class during senior high, Janice was listening to a boring lecture from her seat behind the classroom. That feelings of boredom didn’t last long, when a stranger suddenly came into her class from the back door and took an empty seat next to her. Asking who he is and what he is doing here, he replies that he is here to visit his friend who happens to be her classmate. That stranger is no one else other than Ivan. The moment I hear the story from Janice about their first meeting, I just thought that you really don’t need to force yourself to find the love of your life. Because you will somehow meet them in an unexpected time and place anyway, in the way that God wants it to be. Enjoy, Rangga Kioe

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