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Sesarina & Stefano
oleh withKiyo

Diperbarui pada 09 November 2018, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

A modern, soft looking invitation with a hint of tradition. Inspiration can come from anywhere. Coming from a Javanese family, the bride and groom wanted to have an invitation that resembles their traditional Javanese wedding in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. During our first meeting, Sesarina and Stefano listed a few elements that inspire them. Revision after revision, we picked out some of their ideas to illustrate both their wedding and their culture perfectly. For main illustration, the bride personally requested us to hand-draw tuberose flowers, or what we call Sedap Malam, and lilies. In Javanese tradition, people believe that Sedap Malam could enhance the bride’s aura & make her look prettier. The sweet fragrant of Sedap Malam is also believed to make the guests feel more comfortable at the wedding. To create a more personal and modern yet soft look to their invitation, we decided to handwrite the bride and groom’s names in soft & semi-formal style. This represents our first impression of the couple; fun, friendly, modern and stylish. In every marriage, parents always hope good things for their children. To enhance the Javanese feeling and good wish for the bride and groom, ‘nitik cakar’ batik pattern was added to wish the couple good fortune and a strong marriage ahead. In Javanese tradition during pre-wedding ritual, this batik pattern is worn by the parents in hope that their children would be able to stand on their own two feet. Furthermore, as part of the Javanese tradition, the bride and groom went through a cleansing ritual called Siraman. Sesarina decided to bring out this part of tradition by making a special invite for it. We use delicate handmade paper from Alv.Studio for the envelope to give it a more sophisticated and unique look, thus giving more exposure to the ritual.

vendor yang terlibat di project:

  • Invitations : withKiyo
  • Favors & Gifts : Alvs.tudio

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