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Laras & Guido
oleh withKiyo

Diperbarui pada 05 Mei 2020, Jakarta

Modern, but with a touch of Javanese culture. From the start, Laras & Guido interested in adding translucent envelope to give a modern & minimalist look to the set. A tribute to their traditional Javanese ceremony, Sido Mukti batik pattern was added to the invitation in blind emboss to keep the modern touch. This Sido Mukti pattern are worn by the bride and groom on their wedding day in hope that the couple will have a happy & prosperous marriage. Inspired by their wedding color scheme, we created a combination of vibrant colored illustration with sans serif font, giving the main invitation a semi casual look to enhance the modern feeling. Also, the bride and groom's names are hand-written in a semi-casual way to give a more laid back feel, paying homage to the intimate and warm ambience of the party. Highly adaptable to a wide variety of ecosystems, it takes some time and meticulous care for orchids to bloom, but once it does, the blooms could last for months. We picked orchid as it represents the process of success and happiness, which involves hard work and patience. | All photos were beautifully captured by @jejakkurcaci

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