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oleh withKiyo

Diperbarui pada 05 Mei 2020, Jakarta

A minimalist & rustic modern Javanese Invitation Suite for one of our best friends. The wedding consisted of a series of traditional Javanese ceremonies. We incorporated a strong Javanese feel through white antirinum flowers combined with ilalang grass as fillers. Symbolizing purity and elegance yet strong, in reference to the resilience of the plant. A subtle detail on the envelope was inspired by the Truntum batik pattern. The pattern was created as a symbol of unconditional, everlasting love that continues to grow. Truntum batik is usually worn by the parents of the bride and groom on the wedding day, symbolizing the parents “guiding” the bridal couple as they enter a new life together. The motifs and illustration are composed based on diamond-shaped grids, taking the shape of Ketupat, a traditional Indonesian rice cake. In Javanese tradition, Ketupat symbolize the mistakes we make in our lives while the packed white rice inside symbolizes purity. To complete the whole set, insert cards are always a great option to make sure your guests are well taken care of on your wedding day. From the meeting, we captured that the groom has personal interest in translucent paper since he uses this paper most of the time at work. So, we decided to print the map on translucent paper as a fun touch. Giving a little touch of personalization, we added olive green wax seals as a formal and serious feel to the contrasting humble and rustic envelope. | All photos were beautifully captured by @jejakkurcaci

vendor yang terlibat di project:

  • Photography : Jejakurcaci
  • Invitations : withKiyo

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