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Dea & Arie
oleh withKiyo

Diperbarui pada 08 April 2019, Semarang

It was a very quick meeting at Bridestory Market 2018 when they finally decided to let us be a part of their special day. After the event, we arranged a meeting with Dea & Arie to know more about them and what their visions for their wedding invitation. Modern and casual, they told us since the beginning to stick with these two words. At first, we drew Orchids as the main illustrations. Moving on to the second draft design, the couple felt that Daisy represents them best. They believe that Daisy is the symbol of simplicity, eternal love and cheerfulness. And with the ability to grow in various conditions, it is also as the hope of strong marriage for the bride and groom. That's why we decided to re-draw the main illustration into Daisy flowers from the second draft. People would normally choose to put existed quotes, but not for them. With love and thoughts from Dea & Arie, they created their own beautiful words. To create a more personal look, the quote was written in delicate handwriting. We also casually calligraphed their names on the envelope as a bold statement and at the same time is consistent with the reception party that is far from formal. And last but not least, gold foil was added to the set to enhance its elegance. Not too much, but not too little, just the right amount to give this invitation a pop!

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