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    Bagikan pengalamanmu dengan Vertex VR Weddings


    Apa saja yang termasuk dalam paket Anda
    Video yang sudah diedit, Video berkualitas tinggi, Montase - seleksi foto pernikahan, Pra-seremoni, Upacara, Resepsi
    Bagaimana Anda mengarahkan pasangan saat Anda mengabadikan pernikahan mereka?
    Since we capture everything in 360, we will need to corporate with other wedding video+photographers. We have been in the industry for more than 10 years, we have solid experience and we will bring out the best wedding day ever.
    Bagaimana kebijakan Anda mengenai istirahat? Jika Anda perlu istirahat makan, apakah klien yang harus menyediakan makanan?
    No, we provide for ourselves. But if you have any suggestions, we would appreciate that too :)
    How do I watch a 360° video?
    You can watch 360 videos on Youtube and Facebook, it can be both viewed on computers and smartphones
    Apakah Anda punya teknologi, alat, atau teknik khusus?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada) 360 4K Camera
    Berapa lama sebelum hari H klien Anda harus menghubungi Anda?
    1-3 months would be ideally, because we need to coordinate, consult and plan your wedding.
    Bagaimanakah syarat pembayaran Anda?
    100% before event. We will always contact you to consult your wedding day in advance.
    Can you show me some good examples of a 360 video?
    Sure thing! We want to share with you the best 360 videos now available on Youtube. For the best experience, please watch in Chrome. One recent example of 360 video in marketing is the virtual tour of Buckingham Palace. By using the technology available The British Monarchy have been able to create an immersive tour of the Royal Palace, which could be reproduced for advertising from a travel company for example. Watch it here:
    Bisakah Anda mengambil foto dan video di luar jam kerja?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada) sure, let us know what you have in mind and we do our utmost best to assist you.
    Apa yang membuat layanan Anda unik?
    We are the only one on Bridestory offering fully immersive 4K 360 videos for your big day. This service is not the same as ordinary videography. To learn more about VR, please visit our website:
    What is a 360 video?
    360 video is recorded in all directions, giving you a complete 360-degree view. While watching these videos, you're able to control the viewing direction and watch the video from whatever perspective you'd like.
    Apakah Anda bisa mengedit dalam satu hari?
    Tidak (mohon jelaskan bila ada) A 360 video has a different technique and requires more time than a traditional video.
    Berapa lama klien akan mendapatkan hasil akhir dari videonya?
    We will need 7-14 days to edit the video in 4K 360.
    Kapan bisnis Anda didirikan?
    We founded our agency in Amsterdam back in 2014.
    What is the difference between regular video and 360° video?
    A 360 video is created with a camera system that simultaneously records all 360 degrees of a scene. Viewers can pan and rotate a 360 video’s perspective to watch it from different angles. Which gives the user the presence of duality, being at 2 places at the same time. Meaning your grandmother that could not attend your wedding can actually experience the wedding through a VR headset as she was there. There is no doubt that a 360° video is more engaging for the audience than a flat video. The fact that the user can explore for themselves makes for a more memorable and enjoyable experience. A normal 2D flat video is recorded with 1 perspective and allows the user to look at 1 angle and is less engaging.
    Apakah klien harus membuat janji dahulu sebelum bertemu?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada) We will contact the client after the client has booked a package.
    Harap sebutkan, jika ada, prestasi dan penghargaan bisnis Anda sebelumnya.
    We are a Virtual Reality agency, awards will be coming soon.
    Apakah Anda bisa menyediakan layanan di kota atau negara lain?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada) Worldwide
    Apa gaya videografi spesialisasi Anda?
    Sinematik, Dokumentasi, Bercerita, Tradisional, Konseptual, Lainnya - (mohon jelaskan) 360 Virtual Reality
    Berapa tarif yang biasanya Anda kenakan?
    Our 360 4K VR packages starts at 2000USD.
    Bagaimana sistem pembayaran yang tersedia untuk bisnis Anda?
    Transfer melalui bank, PayPal
    When I book a package with Vertex VR, what can I expect?
    Your big day is important. We want to bring you true moments of joy with the greatest virtual reality experiences. Our team will contact you after you ordered the desired package to consult. Then we will attend your wedding and work strategically with your video&photography team. After a week we will deliver your fully immersive 4K 360° video. Sit back and re-experience your wedding day. I am sure you will see a many things that was unnoticed before. Don’t mind sharing it with overseas friends&family who couldn’t attend the wedding. Please take a look at our packages on our website
    Apakah Anda memiliki videografer pengganti jika berhalangan di hari H?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada)
    Berapa banyak orang yang Anda miliki di tim untuk menangani satu acara pernikahan?
    We have a remote team of 10 people that are dedicated in 360 VR Videography.
    Apakah Anda menyediakan rekaman asli untuk klien?
    Tidak (mohon jelaskan bila ada)
    Do you have a portfolio?
    Sure, When Twinkle and George tied the knot earlier in March this year, the couple wanted to create a modern-day time capsule that would allow them to relive their big day. They hired us to capture 360-degree footage and turn it into something that virtually transports them back to that day. The results are phenomenal:
    We are active in Hong Kong / Asia Pacific/ Europe

    Vertex VR is a pioneer in the world of Virtual Reality. We want to bring you true moments of joy with the greatest virtual reality experiences. We work with creative minds and great companies like Sands Macau. We also work with universities and support projects to research meaningful applications. We operate worldwide. We tell stories. Everyone has a story, what is yours?

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