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Albert & Fera
oleh Peurle

Diperbarui pada 10 Desember 2023, Bali

Albert and Fera's wedding, marked by the hashtag #BERartibagiFERA, was a celebration that seamlessly blended timeless elegance with a modern flair. The luxurious Royal Santrian Villas in Bali, situated along the pristine beachfront of Tanjung Benoa in Nusa Dua, provided the perfect backdrop for this sophisticated affair. The event exuded an air of refinement, capturing the essence of sophistication. The couple's deliberate choice of a timeless white theme set the stage for a classic and beautiful atmosphere, enriched by subtle hints of nude tones and the natural greenery of leaves and surrounding foliage, including the majestic palm trees at the venue. Fera's selection of a gown by Hian Tjen was a masterpiece of simplicity and timelessness, elevated by intricate silhouettes and expertly crafted cuts. The fusion of classic white with a contemporary touch perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the celebration. Our team adeptly and sincerely managed the various festivities, from the holy matrimony to the tea pai and the wedding itself. While their wedding may not have been vibrantly colorful in terms of decorations, opting for a serene and elegant white palette, Albert and Fera's vibrant personalities added a lively and colorful dimension to the collaboration. Their exuberance infused the entire process with joy and warmth. Even though the wedding day has come to pass, our strong bond with them endures, serving as a testament to the genuine connection forged throughout the planning and execution of their special day.

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