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    3 Ulasan, disortir berdasarkan :
    Ulasan Terbaru
    Austin Purwantoro
    31 Januari 2021 | Pengantin pria di Pernikahan Austin & Widya

    Nice picture and friendly team

    Nice concept, love the picture and video. Friendly crew and very good price. Recommended

    Balasan Vendor

    31 Januari 2021
    Thank you very much. Cheers for the future!
    Melinda Tan
    23 Januari 2021 | Client di Pernikahan Matius & Melinda

    Make our prewedding memories unforgettable

    So happy to have ko michael & ce fiona for our pre-wedding in Bali. They are really kind and help us a lot. They even notice every little things that will make our pre-wedding photo shoot succesful with best result. From the start ce fiona helps us to choose our pre-wedding outfits and makes very detailed moodboard. Then ko michael helps us to choose the best spots for our pre-wedding. And when we are in Bali they already set up everything so good so we don't have to worry anymore. I really recommended them. Thanks iori for making our pre-wedding memories unforgettable.

    Balasan Vendor

    23 Januari 2021
    Thank you for the kind words. We are very happy to know you two and thankful for the gift of friendship. Good luck for the wedding preparation. Blessings!
    Dirga Wijaya
    20 Januari 2021 | Pengantin pria di Pernikahan Dirga & Devi

    Most Valuable Vendor

    We know Iori from Instagram Ads which we never regret clicking on that time. Then we met this two wonderful person Ko Michael and Ci Fiona shortly after. They do set the package based on our needs (Pre-Wed, Sangjit, D-Day) with very competitive price and even added with bunch of complimentary, which makes them the best for us. it doesn’t take much time for us to decide they are the one. then Covid strikes, while the other vendors being demanding to adjust price here and there, setting another terms which not benefit us, reset the date based on what they want. but Iori is different, they came to us offering solutions, focusing on what we can do to have our original plan came true, with also being realistic by asking us what we want to do if the condition doesnt getting any better. which make them special. by grace, we’re happily married now, The Results of the services were very good and fast, the team was friendly and consist of cheerful and funny people, which makes all the session not awkward and really fun to do. and they never late on the schedule. Plus, they do care for our well-being, they also cheer us up for our plan, they encourage us on the struggle, and shares things just like a family. those things that we never paid them for but they did it sincerely. forever grateful for them. :)

    Balasan Vendor

    20 Januari 2021
    Thank you for the kind words and review. We truly treasure you both and grateful to have you guys as our beloved client and friends. Cheers for the future!


    Apa saja yang termasuk dalam paket photoshoot Anda?
    Foto Hi-Res, Cetakan Matte, Album, Berkas digital, Cetakan
    Berapa tarif yang biasanya Anda kenakan?
    Based on the package the client have chose and dealed with us
    Bisakah Anda mengambil foto dan video di luar jam kerja?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada) With additional charges apply
    Mencangkup apa saja layanan Anda?
    Sesi foto pre-wedding, Liputan hari pernikahan, Foto keluarga, Foto studio, sesi foto/video dengan tema, Foto kecantikan, Lainnya - (mohon jelaskan; pisahkan dengan koma) Honeymoon shoot
    Apa yang membuat layanan Anda unik?
    • Our photographers are experienced and able to direct you professionally to get the best shot on your big day. • We'll gladly help our clients who need us to arrange their itinerary for destination photoshoot domestic or overseas.
    Bagaimanakah syarat pembayaran Anda?
    50% of pre-payment, 50% of final payment
    Apakah Anda bisa menyediakan layanan di kota atau negara lain?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada) We provide pre-wedding sessions, couple or family photoshoots and wedding coverage around the world
    Apakah Anda akan menyediakan file digital dan/atau negatif (atau salinan negatif) foto kepada klien?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada) Based on the package chose by client
    Apa gaya fotografi Anda? (maksimal 3)
    Konseptual, Kontemporer, Candid
    Berapa lama sebelum hari H klien Anda harus menghubungi Anda?
    For wedding, the most effective time will be 4-12 months prior to the Wedding Day.
    Berapa lama klien akan mendapatkan hasil akhirnya?
    Depending the needs of the client. However, it usually takes 2-4weeks for the digital files and up to three months for photo book during busy months.
    Apakah klien harus membuat janji dahulu sebelum bertemu?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada) Through chat message
    Bagaimana sistem pembayaran yang tersedia untuk bisnis Anda?
    Tunai, Transfer melalui bank
    Kapan bisnis Anda didirikan?
    1 September 2019.
    Apa gaya fotografi yang biasanya Anda tawarkan?
    Candid, Natural, Hitam dan Putih, Konseptual, Kontemporer, Analog, Potret, Tujuan
    Seberapa cepat Anda bisa memperlihatkan hasil untuk diulas setelah acara selesai?
    Depending the needs of the client. The teaser usually takes 3-7 days after the session
    Bagaimana Anda mengarahkan pasangan saat sesi pemotretan?
    I direct personally and the team
    Apa spesialisasi Anda?
    Sesi foto pre-wedding, Liputan hari pernikahan, Foto keluarga, Foto studio, Foto kecantikan
    Bagaimana kebijakan Anda mengenai istirahat? Jika Anda perlu istirahat makan, apakah klien yang harus menyediakan makanan?
    Usually, client provides meal but our photographers could take care of their own meals as long as it was informed before the D-day
    Apakah Anda punya pengganti jika Anda berhalangan hadir pada hari-H?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada) Force Majuere : Reschedule available
    Jl. Embong Malang 8 60252

    Your Memory, Our Story