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Viona & Ivan Wedding at Grand Hyatt Jakarta

Diperbarui pada 25 Maret 2018

Two chickens who believe they are eagles, and finally grew wings and flew." - Viona & Ivan. Viona and Ivan first met at a family dinner, about 7 years ago. Back then, they didn't realise of each others presence. A few years later, they met again in a Hillsong concert in Jakarta back in April of 2015, and that was the first time Ivan noticed Viona. He started a conversation and finally asked her out for lunch. At first, she thought it would be a work-related lunch, but instead they spent hours talking and from there, it continued to 2nd, 3rd, date and so on. They never missed a single day without meeting each other, and so their love grows naturally as they learn deeper about each other.... - Click the link below to view the full adventure:

vendor yang terlibat di project:

  • Photography : ILUMINEN
  • Venue : Grand Hyatt Jakarta
  • Decoration & Lighting : Royal Design Indonesia
  • Dress & Attire : Biyan
  • Wedding Cake : Gordon Blue Cake
  • Wedding Planning : Kenisha Wedding Organizer
  • Hair & Makeup : jasmine lishava

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