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Mega & Alfred Wedding at Gunung Pancar Bogor

Diperbarui pada 19 Maret 2018, Bogor

Mega and Alfred first met each other in a youth camp in Tzu Chi Buddhist Social Organisation around Oct 2012. Mega was forced by her mother to join the camp, while Alfred has been the “senior” there. Mega saw this tallest guy in the group with an ear-to-ear smile and fell for it. Alfred is a very romantic person who is full of surprises and warm-hearted while Mega is cheerful and not-your-typical kind of girl. Being with Alfred all the time always make Mega feel safe and loved. They love to be in a place where there is no wifi and enjoying a quality time together with lots of chattering and laughter. For their big day, both of them wrote a personal thank you notes to each of their closest friends and families along with the souvenirs. Imagine writing letters to your aunts and uncles, how awkward is that? Nevertheless, those people started contacting them, saying that they were so touched with the gesture. Their families got opened up and the bond between them grew even tighter. “TREASURE your wedding day, take a deep breath, capture all the memory with your own eyes by looking around, have a short quality time with your spouse. Cause’ that will be the only thing left behind; a great memory that will be forever be in your heart.” – Mega & Alfred. - See the full gallery on our website:

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