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Colonial meets Oriental
oleh Flora Botanica Designs

Diperbarui pada 17 Oktober 2016

My first encounter with Alfred was way long long ago before he met his love of his love. It was during our teenage years in Singapore (year 2002 I think?) . His classmate was my churchmate, and back then I remember him as a talented guitarist who had a golden voice. We met again through a wedding planner, Kicky Alexander, the editor-in-chief of Le Mariage Magazine brought me to a meeting table to discuss about their wedding plan. There, they loved the idea of having a Chinoiseire theme at The Hermitage hotel. So 6 months later, this wedding happened. Last Sunday was a celebration of love. When the groom is a church worship-leader, we know that he hand-picked the musicians and singers for that night. If you followed my Instagram's Stories, I briefly recorded the music rehearsal. His voice really sent shivers to my spine.

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