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Certified New Normal
oleh Dusk Two Dawn After Party Project

Diperbarui pada 10 Januari 2021, Uluwatu, Bali

In Kamaya Bali, we make every single dream wedding come true, even in this difficult period for Bali wedding during covid-19. To ensure the health and safety of all guests and employees, Kamaya Bali is committed to implementing the new normal protocol and the CHS (Cleanliness, Health, and Safety) standards properly according to the WHO and the Health Ministry of Indonesia. Our guests’ health, safety, and comfort remain our top priority. From the time guests arrive in Kamaya, our staffs – who are all wearing masks, gloves, and face shields – are ready to assist the guests to apply the Kamaya new normal SOP accordingly: help to check the guests’ body temperatures, disinfect the stuffs including car and luggage, provide guests with masks and wash-hand basin or hand sanitizer provided. We ensure all staffs and vendors are trained regularly to apply the Kamaya new normal SOP to bring out the best result as expected, making Kamaya the best and safest wedding venue around the island. Implementing Kamaya new normal protocols, physical distancing should be maintained across the venue, including on the seating arrangements as we only use half capacity of the whole venue. All surfaces are disinfected during set-up prior to the event, including the surfaces inside the venue, doors and door knobs, tables and chairs, etc. To ensure the hygiene of the cuisine served in Kamaya Bali, all cutleries food are wrapped and served by the waiters to the guests. All of these standards and protocols are applied for all Kamaya new normal wedding package, which is carefully designed to accommodate the couples who are going to celebrate their new chapter of life for Bali wedding during covid-19. We do this because we care; To keep our guests safe, healthy, and happy is our top commitment for the time being. Kamaya Bali has all needed for a perfect wedding: the most romantic location on the clifftop of Uluwatu Bali with all-year-long sunset and view of the Indian Ocean, exclusive venue for the intimate wedding party, best cuisine prepared by the award-winning in-house chef, best and well-experience staffs in wedding industry who are ready to assist the couple from the planning, preparation, to the final stage of the day. Having a wedding in Kamaya new normal is one of the best dream wedding one can ever have. The entire property of Kamaya Bali, from the venues of octagonal glass chapel of Kamajaya and Kamaratih, floating water stage on the edge of the cliff named Samudra Stage, the spacious tropical Nirvana Garden, or the romantic Lotus Bale gazebo floating above the lotus pond, and others – all are available for the couple’s exclusive use during the event. It Is the only private wedding venue in Bali with these privileges. Surrounded by many invisible blessings around its corners, Kamaya Bali offers you more than just a space. Inspired by the eternal love between God and Goddess of marriage, Kamaya, whose name was taken from the words of “Kama” meaning love and “Maya”

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