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    diskodiwedding Ulasan

    26 Ulasan, disortir berdasarkan :
    Ulasan Terbaru
    Rufaida Ats-Tsiqoh
    09 April 2021 | Pengantin perempuan di Pernikahan Aida & Dzaky

    Thanks to DDW Team!

    Going thru our wedding preparation checklist, we came down to choosing the right entertainment vendor. Found the typical music band a bit boring, we looked for something extraordinary, plus a special request from our parents to not have an “organ tunggal”-type of entertainment on our big day. Then we came across Disko Di Wedding, and we instantly knew we want to work with them. First impression, DDW was definitely very professional. They gave us a very clear, detailed, and transparent informations about their services since the very beginning. Didn’t want to miss the chance of working with them, we immediately booked their schedule for our day! On consultation period, they can translate and help us define the best genre & vibe we should have. We were very unclear and confused, but the team, especially Mas Ferre helped us a lot. On D-day, it was amazing. They help us built the vibe (can’t help myself but to dance to their music). The team was very flexible, they took song requests from the guest, adjusted to different audiences, and even adjusted the music to the timing (we have our wedding reception ‘til sunset, and it felt like we’re chillin’ in Bali). Thank you so much to Mas Ferre & the whole DDW team for making our big day memorable 🤍 With love, Aida & Dzaky Imperial Klub Golf April 3, 2021

    Balasan Vendor

    02 Mei 2021
    Hi Kak Aida, thank you so much for the kind words ! what a great ambience at such an awesome venue that day was, actually we do hope that the party was much longer :D . Once again Happy Wedding, be in love forever, stay safe and healthy always and hope we can meet and help you again at another event for friends or families 🙏🙏🙏
    Ayesha Diatrie
    11 Maret 2021 | Pengantin perempuan di Pernikahan Radit dan Ayesha

    Thanks Diskodiwedding team!

    We know DDW from when we surveyed a venue, we heard them played a song from Sore, one of our favorite band. At that moment we know that we want DDW to be at our wedding and it was one of the best decision we made. DDW knows exactly what we wanted only based on the mood we told them, they are open to the bride and groom requests, and they came fully prepared. At the budget they offerred, there are nothing to complain. Professional, flexible, and friendly. Great work!
    annisa sofhany
    09 Maret 2021 | Pengantin perempuan di Pernikahan Sofie & Andika


    Thankyou so much Ka Ferre & Team, Semua bener2 terlaksana dengan baik. Dari mulai akad, panggih, syukuran 1, dan after party. Ga nyangka kalo akad dan panggih diiringi disko di wedding pun tetap hikmat dan haru. Dan pasti happy bgt ada diskodiwedding di moment bahagia kita berdua. Apalagi pada saat after party. Semua happy, dan enjoy the moment. Sehat selalu ka ferre and team, see youuu next time yaaa!

    Balasan Vendor

    02 Mei 2021
    Hi Kak Sofie, terimakasih banyak untuk reviewnya, such an honour bisa mengiringi acara Kak Sofie & Kak Dika seharian penuh 😁😁, dan ngga nyangka juga kalo After-Party yang konsepnya Chill bisa seasik itu, Salam buat keluarga dan temen2 yang seru kemarin yah, smoga bisa ketemu dan bantu lagi di acara dan kesempatan lainnya 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    Eza Sena
    26 Januari 2021 | Pengantin pria di Pernikahan Raveza & Tifani

    Perfect way to set the Tone

    If i could give 6 stars , I would give 6. From the beginning, mas Ferre and team provided clear steps on how we can have a playlist that is suitable for our guests whilst picking a lot of our favourite tunes. Consultations were swift and to the point, making it less of a worry to us. The diskodiwedding did a great job of understanding what we wanted and made illustrated it in the wedding playlist given to us. The d-day itself was great to the mood being set by the music. From traditional tunes, old classics eve to bass thumling hip hop anthems, everything was ptesented smoothly with no evident awkward gaps in between. We would definitely recommend mas Ferre and team to make your special day even more special and also fun, despite of the Pandemic. They managed to save the day even through unexpected technical difficulties during the D day. Love, Eza & Tifani
    Nurma Cahyono
    02 Januari 2021 | Pengantin perempuan di Pernikahan Nurma & Trias

    Wonderful team - made our perfect day perfect!

    Terima kasih banyak Mas Ferre dan Team! Amat sangat senang dan bersyukur menemukan diskodiwedding 😭😭. Meski mepet (h-7), tapi mas ferre mampu menterjemahkan apa yg kami inginkan. Moment moment mute yang awalnya kami khawatirkan, sama sekali tidak terjadi. Para tamu pun menikmati alunan musik yang disajikan. They really have given us the best memories. We will finish by saying just book them! It'll be the best decision you make 🙂

    Balasan Vendor

    13 Januari 2021
    Terimakasih Kak Nurma & Kak Trias untuk kepercayaannya 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏, konsultasi musik nya ngebut kayak bimbel yah hehe, sempat mengira untuk wedding di tahun depan ternyata minggu depan 😁😁, berkat requestnya Kak Nurma , kami sekantor jadi pada baru tahu dan dengerin Nosstress nih, semoga kami bisa ketemu dan bantu lagi di kesempatan dan acara teman2/ keluarga lainnya , stay safe and healthy selalu !
    01 Desember 2020 | Pengantin pria di Pernikahan Dimas Kendy

    Outstanding Mix, Exceptional Vibe

    For the first time i met Ferre (The DJ) at 2009 NYE Party, he threw some chillin' beat to close the night. We continue to correspond on Facebook for some time. As time goes by, he founded Diskodiwedding, and i follow all the journey from the beginning. With that, i conclude i want him to entertain and gives memorable events for my family, friends, and colleagues at my wedding, a once in a lifetime moment. When i planned my wedding, i search WO that collaborating with Diskodiwedding and we got Rainbow Organizer. At the wedding, surprisingly Ferre answering my bizarre request for opening music, and i couldn't help but laugh, since the opening was John Cena's entrance song. For overall timeline, Ferre provided 90's and 00's music vibe for audience, and the testimonials from some audiences were very good. I really recommend Diskodiwedding for your entertainment options at your wedding, since they really capture what you want and what vibe do you want to give to the audience, from traditional to modern, from upbeat to chill, you name it, they do it. Communicating with them also a delight, since they really hearing what you want. And also, they can match up the outfit with your wedding theme. And they also provide different packages for different purposes, not just wedding. Don't hesitate to contact them. You can see the portfolios on Instagram @diskodiwedding. P.S. This is not a paid review. I am completely satisfied with their service.

    Entertainment (DJ)

    Apa aliran musik dalam koleksi Anda?
    Disko klasik, Jazz, Nu disco, Lounge, Santai, Top 40, RnB, Deep house, Rumah, Soulful house, Hip hop, Trance, EDM, Elektronik, Progresif, Tekno, Dub/reggae, Dubstep, Garasi UK, Lainnya - (mohon jelaskan; pisahkan dengan koma) Future House, Latino, Deutsche, Melayu etc.
    Apakah Anda biasanya bertindak sebagai MC di acara atau berbicara di antara lagu?
    Tidak (mohon jelaskan bila ada)
    Bagaimanakah syarat pembayaran Anda?
    50% After Confirmation and 50% Before the D-Day
    Apakah Anda bisa menyediakan layanan di kota atau negara lain?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada) Jabodetabek Area, Bali, Central & East Java, and accross Indonesia
    Apa yang membuat layanan Anda unik?
    1. Classy Music - Classy Performer - You can be 100% sure that we only serve Very high Quality musics. - You can be 100% sure that our DJ is well-dressed with proper Look. 2. Attitude We are not Focusing on the DJ, in fact, we avoid that, Our DJ will not act like a Celebrity or a Center Of Attention, we are focusing on the Music Quality, Your Event/Wedding, and of course, YOU. so, the spotlight will always be Yours, not the DJ. 3.1 Experience Our DJ have been in the Industry since 2005, with lots of Experience in handling clients for Wedding, Corporate Events and Brand Activation. 3.2 Qualifications Our Wedding Music Stylist is Certified in Lighting Design and Digital Audio 4. Music Customization We Serve Music Customization/Remix, like Traditional Music - Modern Mashups, etc. 5. Health & Safety Kits & Protocol Each of our Team is Equipped with Personal Hygiene, Health & Safety kits. Mask on at all times and equipments disinfect before & after event
    Adakah peralatan khusus yang sudah termasuk dalam layanan Anda?
    Pesta disko, Lainnya - (mohon jelaskan; pisahkan dengan koma) Special gimmicks to surprise you ;), Pencahayaan, Sound system
    Kapan bisnis Anda didirikan?
    Established since 2013, Diskodirumah is Always ready to Serve you with Good Music & Good Vibes, to guarantee you a Successful Event, and a Memorable Special Moments. A DJ doesn’t always have to relate with Electronic Dance Music or Loud Music! Our Clients’ ages Range from Teenagers, Adults, Elderly and also Kids. That’s because We Are able to Customize our Music & Playlist to your requests, we will also give you a free music consultation before, to help you decide what musics are to play to Suit the event. Diskodirumah is Founded by Ferre Risky, an Experienced DJ who have been in the Industry as a Professional DJ & Music Director since 2005 and have Achieved some Awards & Competitions, and also has played in countless events including Clubs, Bars, Restos, and also Corporate events,Brand Activation, Weddings, Private Party & Birthday.
    Adakah batas jumlah lagu yang bisa diminta?
    Tidak (mohon jelaskan bila ada) However the amount actually played will heavily depend on the wedding flow and timing/duration
    Berapa lama sebelum hari H klien Anda harus menghubungi Anda?
    3 Months is Nice, but don't hesitate, you can contact us as close as possible, anytime! :)
    Apakah Anda membawa peralatan sendiri?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada) Full- set DJ equipments, Sound System and Lighting
    Bagaimana sistem pembayaran yang tersedia untuk bisnis Anda?
    Transfer melalui bank, Cek, Tunai
    Apakah Anda punya DJ pengganti jika Anda tidak bisa hadir di hari H?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada) we have a team of 4 DJs available
    Jika Anda tidak punya salah satu lagu yang diminta oleh klien, apakah Anda akan minta mereka untuk menyediakannya?
    Yes If necessary, but if there's enough time before the wedding, we can search for it from many sources
    Harap sebutkan, jika ada, prestasi dan penghargaan bisnis Anda sebelumnya.
    FWD Life Most Passionate PassionPreneur 2014 Our Founder's DJ Achievements : Galeries Lafayette DJ Competition Finalist 2013 TOP 30 ISMAYA Live DJ HUNT Road To DWP 2013 The 3rd Winner of DJarum Black Slimz Soundtrack Competition
    Apakah Anda menetapkan waktu minimum untuk penampilan Anda sebagai DJ?
    Lain-lain - (mohon jelaskan) No minimum time and No maximum time , it's your Wedding Day so Let's Just enjoy the Party :D
    Bagaimana busana Anda biasanya?
    Suit & Tie for Evenings, Shirt & Tie for Semi-Formal, And sometimes Batik or Long Sleeve Shirt for Casual Wedding and Outdoor Parties
    Jl. TMP Kalibata Raya no.1 Jakarta Selatan [ Mobile & Virtual office ] 12750

    Diskodiwedding prides itself as the first Full-Service Wedding DJ Company in Indonesia, serving an array of Wedding Styles & Concepts, with “Music Styling”, Directing & Consulting as our Value Added Service. Our Clients so far are Indonesians and Expatriates as well as many Foreigners having a Destination Weddings here. _ By this year we have served more than 250 Premium Weddings in multiple Prestige Venues Accross Indonesia