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    Costes Portrait Ulasan

    37 Ulasan, disortir berdasarkan :
    Ulasan Terbaru
    14 Januari 2019 | Pengantin perempuan di Pernikahan S & T

    Thai Couple x Balinese Photographer = The Coolest Portrait Ever!

    Don't let the boundaries limit your choice!! Despite tons of talented photographers on Bridestory me, I couldn't be happier with anyone else but Costes Portrait!! With his unique photography style, Ryerson (the photographer and owner of Costes Portrait) offers chic, effortless and modern photos for unconventional couples. Ryerson has a strong determination to create timeless photos that the clients can appreciate after 20 or 30 years. (he made sure our photos will still look up-to-date even my boyfriend and I become 50 years old.... lol) Here is the breakdown of our impression; >> Before the session << Ryerson was very well-prepared and attentive to details. His pre-photoshoot service included; - INITIAL OBSERVATION: He truly cared about our personal identity,our style, our preferred locations etc. Trust me, you will never get the banal, too mainstream photos from Costes Portrait!!! - OUTFIT STYLING: he offered us an outfit guideline; he even suggested the color of the outfit to match the location. - OVERALL-LOOK SUGGESTION: Not only the outfit, he also gave us a comprehensive detail about the make-up and accessories. - FOLLOW-UP: he always made sure that my boyfriend and I are ready for the photoshoot. We were also encouraged to discuss our progress or consult with him during our preparation process. PS. With Ryerson, you don't need to hire STYLIST! He is well-rounded since he has worked in the photography and fashion industry for over 10 years. If you browse through his IG, you will find lots of awesome photoshoot for magazines. >> 1 Day Before the session << Our photoshoot was done in Kyoto. He traveled far from his place to meet and familiarize with us before the photoshoot session. >> During the session<< - He was very punctual. Even my boyfriend and I were late, he waited for us without complaining. - He was very adaptive; I randomly offered the extra location for our photoshoot and he was kind enough to take us there. - Even something goes wrong, he could fix it naturally; ordinary places became so special with his camera technique. - He magically excluded the crowd from the photo; even Kyoto is always busy, my photos were taken without any photobomb or strangers in the frame lol. - He really put his heart into his job; He never showed any sign of tiredness. He was very keen and eager to make the best out of every minute to capture my precious moment at any unexpected time. - He helped bring out the couple's warmest moment and always guided us how to pose; even you've never been doing photoshoot, you don't have to worry. Just follow his instruction and be natural, I guarantee the photos will come out great - He was very friendly, but highly professional; you must meet him yourself to understand what I mean! To all brides and grooms-to-be out there: As I mentioned earlier “don't let the boundaries limit your choice”... I suggest you should not scope the photographers only from the same nationality or out of the convenience. Even we speak different language, my session with Costes Portrait was very smooth and effortless. The service fee is also reasonable (I cannot find this quality with this price from Thai photographers).
    Maria Fransisca
    07 Januari 2019 | Pengantin perempuan di Pernikahan Billie & Maria

    Amazing photography service, great result

    If you are in the search for the perfect wedding photographer...stop here! Costes is the right answer. From the day we decided to go with Costes, they were a pleasure to work with. Their skills with the camera are one thing, but their planning and communication were beyond amazing. The angles, colors and shades of their photos are incredible. Ryerson is extremely easy to work with. He comes prepared and is so friendly to work with. On our wedding day, he made things so easy and fun for us! The one thing that we loved about working with Ryerson and the Costes team, was that Ryerson is passionate about what he does. From the day you meet him, you really get a sense of his passion and commitment to making sure you get photos you love, and an experience worth treasuring forever. Without a doubt, we would recommend Costes to anyone looking for their next wedding photographer! The quality of work is beyond amazing.

    Balasan Vendor

    07 Januari 2019
    thank you Maria & Billie Costes heart you guys.
    Astrid Jade Budiman
    09 Desember 2018 | Pengantin perempuan di Pernikahan Astrid & Augustin

    the best combination of all

    We hired Costes Portrait for our wedding in August 2018, and it took us forever to write the review only because they provided us with so many photos that we were too excited to choose and spent so much time on it. Costes Portrait has this talent of capturing the best moments during the wedding, moments that we even did not realized happening until we saw the pictures, and we're not the only one to say this, the bridesmaids agree too. And to know for a fact that they don't cost as much as other photography/videographer vendor is also a plus, because sometimes you pay so much and the result is not worth the price. For costes portrait it worth even more. And the guys are so cool, they are friendly, funny, and definitely help ease the nervous wedding vibes hence better pictures. And the entire time I almost did not realized they were even there, they worked so professionally and the results are even more than what we hoped. Thank you so much and I recommend costes portrait to all brides to be out there, search no more !
    rhenie erwina
    22 Oktober 2018 | Pengantin perempuan di Pernikahan Rhenie & Poedi shoot, memorable experience

    Merupakan pengalaman yang sangat luar biasa dan tak terlupakan. Awal nya bingung memilih fotografer untuk prawedd sampai akhirnya bertemu Reyrson di salah satu wedding expo. Setelah ngobrol dan melihat contoh hasil fotonya saya merasa tertarik dengan Costes di bandingkan dengan vendor lain. Lalu saya mencoba berbicara dengan pasangan lalu dia setuju. Selama photoshoot di Bali sangat fun dan santai karena Reyrson membuat suasana tidak kaku dan sangat wellcome untuk diajak berdiskusi. Setelah melihat beberapa hasil fotonya saya merasa sangat puas dan sesuai dengan keinginan saya. Costes Terbaik..!! Terima Kasih banyak Costes Potrait untuk kerjasamanya. Sukses terus buat Reyrson dan David beserta Team. Love, Rhenie & Poedi
    selina anggraini halim
    03 Oktober 2018 | Pengantin perempuan di Pernikahan Eterna & Selina

    Fun and memorable experience

    For me, it’s not easy to find a photographer who can understand what me and my spouse want. Both of us actually not a good “poser” and “photogenic” type of person. We dont like some dramatical pictures that looks really neat, while on the other hand we prefer some of natural pictures that can show us our own personalities and the bond that we have for each other. When we choose Ryerson (as the Costes owner and the photographer himself), we know that we will get exactly the photos that can capture ourself perfectly. He knows how to turn the nature and some places “magically” not only become our background but also the part of us in the photo itself. He can help us bringing out our natural self and guide our positioning until we can pose comfortably (remembering that both of us are actually not really good “poser” lol) Moreover, there’s no awkward moment in each minutes we have our prewedding photoshoot, since he is really friendly and easy going person. The result of the photos are satisfying and we love each of the photos that were taken in our shoot before. Fortunately, we also trust him with our wedding shoot and cant wait to work with him again in our wedding day next couple months! Overall, we are really satisfied and really recommend Costes as the photographer for all of you who seek an adventurous, fun, yet beautiful photoshoot experience that you won’t forget! Good success for you Ryerson and Costes team! All of you are amazing! Love, Selina & Eterna

    Balasan Vendor

    03 Oktober 2018
    We love you Selina & Eterna , Thank you
    Novany Khorys
    08 Mei 2018 | Pengantin perempuan di Pernikahan Jerry & Novany

    Love the result

    Great service & professional service . The result was so amazing . Really recommended !! And it was such a memorable and enjoyable experience . We absolutely loved our prewedding picture . Thank you so much ko Ryerson Anselmo . Oh iya , fotografernya ini ownernya sendiri yang punya Costes Potrait , jadi dijamin semua kuliatas foto dan semua detail2 foto akan dikasih yang terbaik . Dan yang paling penting , ko Ryerson ini orangnya friendly bangetttt . Jadi selama proses foto , kalian gak bakal merasa bosan dan capek . He know how to capture in his creative style and always look different .Pokoknya recommended banget untuk semuanya , mulai dari fotografer , pemilihan tempat sampai hasilnya . Sukses terus Costes Potrait .


    What do your packages include?
    Canvases, Album with Europian Paper , Mixed Javanese Wood and customized, many more
    Do you provide all the digital files and/or negatives (or copies of the negatives) to the client?
    All files will be given.
    Mencangkup apa saja layanan Anda?
    Sesi foto pre-wedding, Liputan hari pernikahan, Foto keluarga, Foto studio, sesi foto/video dengan tema, Foto kecantikan
    Bisakah Anda mengambil foto dan video di luar jam kerja?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada)
    Bagaimana kebijakan Anda mengenai istirahat? Jika Anda perlu istirahat makan, apakah klien yang harus menyediakan makanan?
    Do you charge based on package, hourly or full day?
    hourly and Full Day
    Kapan bisnis Anda didirikan?
    Apakah Anda bisa menyediakan layanan di kota atau negara lain?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada)
    Seberapa cepat Anda bisa memperlihatkan hasil untuk diulas setelah acara selesai?
    21 office's working hours
    When will the client get the final album?
    2-3 months depend on the approval from the clients
    Apa gaya fotografi Anda? (maksimal 3)
    Artistik, Natural, Vintage, Lainnya - (mohon jelaskan; pisahkan dengan koma) Filmlook
    Apakah Anda akan menyediakan file digital dan/atau negatif (atau salinan negatif) foto kepada klien?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada)
    Apa yang membuat layanan Anda unik?
    please see Costes portrait 's review, they'll give you hints
    Do you have a replacement photographer in case you become unavailable on the day of the event?
    Yes we have 8 inhouse Senior Photographer
    Harap sebutkan, jika ada, prestasi dan penghargaan bisnis Anda sebelumnya.
    2013 - Best Wedding Photographer
    Apakah klien harus membuat janji dahulu sebelum bertemu?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada)
    Berapa tarif yang biasanya Anda kenakan?
    whole session
    Bagaimanakah syarat pembayaran Anda?
    20% date locking - 50% in mid term- 30% 3 weeks before Wedding day
    How soon after the event are the proof ready for viewing?
    3 weeks for better viewing
    Apa gaya fotografi yang biasanya Anda tawarkan?
    Artistik, Natural, Klasik, Vintage, Hitam dan Putih, Konseptual
    Apakah Anda punya pengganti jika Anda berhalangan hadir pada hari-H?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada)
    Berapa lama sebelum hari H klien Anda harus menghubungi Anda?
    6-12 months before wedding day
    Do you work overseas?
    For sure, Asia: Singapore, Hongkong, Vietnam Europe: Paris, Rome, Firenze, Milan,Amsterdam
    Do you have a website?
    Apa spesialisasi Anda?
    Sesi foto pre-wedding, Liputan hari pernikahan, Foto keluarga, Foto studio, sesi foto/video dengan tema, Foto kecantikan, Lainnya - (mohon jelaskan; pisahkan dengan koma) Other -, fashion
    Bagaimana Anda mengarahkan pasangan saat sesi pemotretan?
    we revealed their inner soul and raw emotion... they are born original, don't end up a copy
    Bagaimana sistem pembayaran yang tersedia untuk bisnis Anda?
    Transfer melalui bank, Tunai
    Are you available to shoot after hours? If yes, how much do you charge for extra hours?
    No we dont, we always commited before we do the work
    Apa saja yang termasuk dalam paket photoshoot Anda?
    Album, Berkas digital, Foto Hi-Res, Desain album sesuai pesanan, CD berisi semua gambar, Cetakan
    Apakah Anda punya teknologi, alat, atau teknik khusus?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada)
    Berapa lama klien akan mendapatkan hasil akhirnya?
    21 working days after approval
    ryerson (COSTESPORTRAIT) PT PLASMINDO jl majapahit no 26 KL, ruko Golden Centrum. jakarta 10160 10160

    Ryerson Anselmo's career in photography was initiated by a chance meeting with Fransisca Chen in Beijing in 2003. Having learnt the basics he continued to develop his skills and joined the Kelas Pagi Jakarta community in 2011. His own company, Costes Portrait was launched in 2011. Costes Portrait now has 5 divisions, specialising in Fashion Commercial | Conceptual | Pre & Wedding | Product and Food Photography.

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