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Watch This Couple’s Sweet Wedding Video


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There is no way you can held your smile back when looking at this video. Kartika is very warm and humble while Fandhi is very playful, making them a counterpart for each other. It's mesmerizing how all friends and family took part in creating a flawless nuptial for the couple. If you have watched the video then you will most probably understand what we're saying.

A little something from videographer:

Fandhi is the quite cool-type of guy and very humble who loves photography, making us have lot in common to talk about while Kartika was such a stunning and easy-going bride. The bridesmaid all was her college friend, so I will share you how crazy the girl's gift were. They were prepared, lined up outside, the bridesmaids, friends, and family made the boys do crazy stuff. They need to do some yoga pose with peeled banana in their mouth. I felt sorry for them, but couldn't help to giggle. When Fandhi walked through and saw Kartika, her smile stole all the attention, atmosphere changed, everything about them felt so beautiful and perfect.

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