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The most important character to look for in a relationship

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Photography: Greg Finck

I fell in love with a man a few years back.

One thing led to another and we started a relationship. It was a pretty picture, I tell you. I felt so happy and so in love. However, somewhere along the way I have come around to see a side of him I seem to have missed during our courtship. My partner is very good with words and often uses and twists them to get what he wants. I didn't like this side of him and started to distrust him, first without realizing. Every single thing he said won't get to me as is. I will process it in my head, thinking "Did he mean what he say? Why is he saying it? What does he want?". It becomes so nasty for us both because ever since I stopped trusting him, we can't find a way to communicate properly. From then on our relationship went south and finally hit rock bottom. I was brokenhearted.

There are a million elements you can name when it comes to relationships. Love, respect, compromise; the list goes on. All these elements will determine the life of the relationship and have their own parts and roles where they come in. Personally for me, out of these elements the most important element, is trust.

For without trust, love is not perfect.

I'm truly aware that trust is something you can't look at from only one angle, which might make my experience irrelevant to some. There are various things one considers before deciding whether or not to trust someone. But when it comes to trust, this is what i know.

When you're with a person you trust, there this certainty you have in confiding him, opening up to him about anything. You'll be comfortable when apart, knowing he won't mess around with someone else. You will take his compliments and praises gladly, knowing he meant them. To trust someone is to be vulnerable, to show your weaknesses and fears. To trust is to build dreams and hopes together, certain that he will appreciate them as well as pushes you to achieve them.Trusting each other means building a strong foundation. When you have mutual trust, you will be rest assured that both of you will conquer anything that passes; for you believe in him enough to know that he fights for you, and with you.

A person you trust will effortlessly make you fall deeper, for you know, he will be there to catch you.

Be with a person you trust. Settle for nothing less. And when you've found him, just fall in love, and be happy.

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