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The 4 Most Popular Wedding Florists in Bali


With such breathtaking sceneries, having flowers for decorations will be the perfect match for a wedding in Bali. Not only does it give feast for the eyes, real fresh flowers will help you bring the romantic vibe from its natural scents. Look up top Bali florists' profile down below and get ready to choose the one that could win your heart over.

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Photography: Catalina Flora

Catalina Florist

If you are looking for a florist decorator who is unique with a lavish look, then Catalina Florist will suit you. Founded in 2011, Catalina ensures that you will have an extraordinary celebration through their exceptional and creative ideas.

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Photography: Clea Flower Boutique - Jakarta & Bali

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Photography: Bali Yes Florist

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Photography: magical blossoms

Vendor yang mungkin anda suka

Instagram Bridestory

Ikuti akun Instagram @thebridestory untuk beragam inspirasi pernikahan

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