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Should You Quit Your Job After Getting Married?


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Marriage will open a whole new chapter in your life. It will bring you on a ride in the fast lane, where your adaptability will be challenged at every turn. It will question the decisions you have made in life and will force you to make new ones for sake of making the marriage work. We don't mean to scare you, but that's the truth. It takes courage to make your marriage work.

Sure, your work doesn't define who you are. But your work occupies a big portion of your life. When you aren't facing any income crisis and you are secure in your spouses' long-held professional position, one of the changes marriage might present to you early on is to give up your position at work. As alluring as that may be, to allow yourself to put in 100% focus in making your marriage work, we would never suggest you to make any rash decisions or jumping off the boat until you're pretty clearly defined where you will be landing, and we encourage you to give this topic some thoughts.

We list three major things you should be asking yourself and/or discuss with your future husband before you decide to quit your job:

1. Will you be okay with not having your own money?

When you are asked to "lean on your husband", when it comes to the subject of money, will your husband be lenient to you? Will you be able to respect his decisions regarding the distribution of money and will he be open to discuss financial matters with you?

2. Will your husband still respect you?

Will he still think of you the same way when you aren't as busy with your career outside the home as you take on more domestic duties?

3. Will you be okay with not having a career as your form of self-actualization?

At the end of the day, the decision should be made by you, not for you. If you believe you can be happy to trade your career with a more domestic life and dedicated your time fully for your loved one, then do it. Maybe you use that master degree in business studies to build a home-based entrepreneurship, instead. Just listen to your heart and do things that are most fulfilling for your soul.

To give up something that has been a part of you for a long time to welcome something new in your life is exciting. We just ask that you think it through before jumping into it. Make sure that your heart is at peace and everything will fall into place.

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