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Is Saving Yourself for Marriage Still Worth It?

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It is normal to have the feeling, sometimes the urge, to cling on to your partner, have a romantic moment, show a little (okay, a lot!) of affection, and tell how much you love each other . It is normal to feel the butterflies flutter in your stomach when you hold his hand and, maybe, to think of going a little further than that. But have you ever considered how special would it be if you held all the emotions and feelings for yourself, if you respected yourself, if you understood that it's just the hormone talking, and reserved your virginity form the right man after your wedding day?

Sometimes we think that physical closeness leads to emotional closeness, but it isn't true. Relationship, a romantic one, is based on cultivated friendship and friendship is based on good conversation and shared interests. Young couples are passion-driven (or even hormone-driven, most of the time) and tend to focus on pleasure in physical intimacy rather than on the happiness of having deep conversation about personal issues, let alone the basic difference between each other. It is true that relationship can get stronger through sexual relationship. But if a relationship is only based on physical attraction or the need for physical connection, it will only become an unhealthy relationship. So it's no wonder that their bond is merely focused around the physical intimacy, and not the relationship itself.

The most threatening aspect if we don't value sexual relationships enough to wait for marital commitment is trust. You want to be married to someone who has survived the struggles of self control. In the waiting period, trust is enlarged and it will help you a lot on many life phases in the future.

Sexual relationship is made to strengthen a bond between two people in a sacred union. So as long as you aren't married yet, deny yourself of the urge a little longer, control yourself a little lighter, and respect yourself a lot more. The right man will respect you enough to do the same and not ask you to do anything you don't want to do anyways.

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