Intimate Rustic Wedding with Fairy Lights in Bandung

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Novita and Mourick's love story perfectly illustrates how there are so many unexpected ways to find "the one". Their families have known each other for a long time; their mothers were best friends in high school, even their siblings befriended each other. In short, everyone knew each other, except for Novita and Mourick. Their jobs kept them apart for so long; he was building his career in Bandung while she was a stewardess flying from one place to another. One day, their mothers accidentally played the matchmaker.

Mourick was asked by his mother to contact Novita's mother, who happened to display a profile picture of her and her lovely daughter. In an instant, Mourick was smitten, and he added Novita's BlackBerry Messenger. However, they never actually talked to each other. Then, he added her on Facebook. Again, they remained silent. But not for long, as they finally started to talk to each other through Facebook one day. Long story short, the two became close, and their mothers soon turned from friends into in-laws.

Novita and Mourick trusted Pride Organizer to help with their wedding and the team had a wonderful opinion about the couple. "Novita and Mourick is such a lovely couple. They're cheerful, friendly, polite and also very easy going!" said Ajie from Pride Organizer. "We were actually smitten by the couple ever since we first heard their love story, especially when they told us about how they met. With their families that had known each other and all, a heartwarming wedding is already a sure thing," Ajie added.

The happy couple celebrated their love in an intimate wedding celebration at Padma Hotel Bandung. The venue itself was already a charming one, with amazing views and a calming breeze. The location was decorated with rustic elements and topped with fairy lights for a truly romantic touch. "It was a rustic wedding with a touch of vintage elements. What we love most about the wedding though is the fact that Novita and Mourick wanted the wedding to be simple and intimate. And as we had suspected, the party feels like a heartfelt reunion between relatives and friends,"Ajie said.

With Pride Organizer in charge, Novita and Mourick really can relax and enjoy their wedding day. "As a wedding organizer, we'll make sure that you will just enjoy the day, smile, and welcome the presence of your guests," said Ajie. Even when problems arise, Pride Organizer will also be there to the rescue. "We think our role as wedding organizers are most effective when the couple fully trusts in us. They should be able to listen and are also open to advices, like Novita and Mourick are. And in the end, seeing our clients' happy faces is also our happiness," explained the wedding planner.

So in the end, the question remains. Could Novita and Mourick's story be destiny or is it just another one of life's many coincidences? Whatever it may be, we're sure you'll enjoy Novita and Mourick's lovely wedding proudly organized by Pride Organizer.


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