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How to pick your bridesmaids’ dresses

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Picking your bridesmaids' dresses could perhaps be one of the more fun and exciting things to do (after picking your wedding gown). For many, this is a time where you and your bridesmaids' friendships will be tested and clear communication is integral. Here are some tips on how to pick dresses that will make the girls look equally stunning.

Choose your wedding gown and theme first

Your bridesmaids' dresses should complement your wedding gown and theme of your wedding. Find a dress colour or style that can give the same feel as your wedding gown. However, the dresses shouldn't be too similar in colour or style with your gown. You wouldn't want them to look like brides!

Consider your bridesmaids

At the same time, remember that your bridesmaids are the ones who are going to be wearing (and possibly, paying for) the dresses. If you won't wear the dress yourself, your bridesmaid won't either. Because they are probably of all different body sizes and types, you will want to pick out a dress is universally appealing and timeless, and in a colour they can wear post-wedding. You may also want to think about your bridesmaids skin tone and hair colour when deciding on a colour for the dresses.

Coordinate the fabrics

Not only should bridesmaids' dresses match, but they should harmonise with your own. This includes the fabric choice. If you're dressed in something light like a chiffon gown, it won't look nice if your bridesmaids walk down the aisle in a heavy material. Find a fabric that will match your wedding gown and evoke the same mood and theme as the rest of your wedding.

Tip #4: Choose one unifying element

Perhaps the most important detail to make your bridal entourage look good on your special day is to have one unifying element to bring all the outfits together. It can come in the form of a particular colour, fabric, style of dress or accessory like the flowers or belts. Whatever it is, this common denominator creates uniformity while showing off your individual style.

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