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Having Food Trucks as Your Wedding Caterer, Why Not?

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Unconventional, unique, and practical – food trucks are the next big wedding catering ideas. What's better than an open summer wedding, casual, fun, and of course, great food? Here're things you need to know about this mobile food station trends at your wedding.

The perfect season

Think about this: a food-trailer wedding means having your guests lining up for food outside; so you might want to consider the perfect weather. While summer comes first on top of your mind, consider milder fall or spring day to have cooler temperature on the day and keep your guests comfortable. For a summer wedding, try a food truck that serves popsicles or fresh smoothies.

Numbers of trucks needed

Food trucks are quick and easy, but still, it will take time to serve that many people in your wedding. Waiting too long for food is an ultimate mood killer, so consider this carefully.

Comfortable seating

You may have the seating arrangements based on standard, formal seating arrangements: long wooden table and chairs. But, another alternative is to get more casual settings where people can easily mingle around – like the one in cocktail hours.

Choose the theme

Food trucks come with a lot of looks you can choose. Be it retro, colorful, modern, conventional, or classic trucks, choose the ones you love – and certainly, suit your overall wedding theme.

Pick the menu you absolutely love

The thing about food truck is that, you plan your own menu, with your own favorite cooks. You can choose 10 different food trucks if you want to, based on your favorites every Sunday morning. So be creative, and most importantly, be hungry!

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