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Getting Married at a Young Age: Yes or No?

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When it comes to the topic of getting married at a young age, there are thousands of reasons we can give to be for and against the idea. Most obvious of reasons would be for practicality and experience issues while the rest can be intangible reasons like love, care and understanding for one another. While we consider the pros, cons and the possibilities of what may happen, keep in mind that marriages of all kinds have been around and some have survived and even flourished in the test of time. Let's take a look at getting married at a young age and if it's such a terrible idea.

The Cons:

  • Young couple would not be that experienced to go through something as big as running a family and married life together (then again, nothing can prepare you, or you can never be really or totally prepared for things like that anyway). Most people would worry about this most, citing issues like "They are not matured enough or they haven't gone through enough to go through life together," or somewhere along those lines. But then again, if we think about it, nothing can really prepare us for huge things such as marriages and starting a family. We think that if the couple loves each other that much and are willing to go through anything and learn the process and journey together, they got about as much chance as anyone to make the marriage work. Willingness is key.

  • Your family finance might not be that stable yet. Due to the young age, the couple might not be in a good economical position yet as they might still be looking for a good job which can support both their lifestyle and each other. Realistically, this is a very valid reason for people to worry of as it takes quite a bit of money to get married and then starting a new life. So young couples thinking about marriage should really consider this point. Money isn't everything but (almost) everything needs money.

  • Juggling and balancing personal time. Young people might still want to go and enjoy a party every now and then, hit the clubs, basically being young and doing what their peers are doing, but if both on the same page and are ready to be committed, they can do it.

  • Commitment issues might be too much. With all those possible problems, the foundation to its solutions would be basic commitment. Commitment to one another, each other's lives, time and a lot of sacrifices would have to be made. While those who are lucky enough to be head over heels in love, there will be a lot of young couples who might feel left out with whatever their peers and friends are doing, being young, single and fabulous. So commitment is key for a young marriage to work.

The Pros

  • Young couples more energetic and enthusiastic about new things and journey together. Being young, they have youth, energy and enthusiasm on their side. And if the couple is ready and enthusiastic about their love and commitment for each other, it can do great things and even amaze and surprise most people out there. As long as both parties are ready to do and give everything they got, it will work out!

  • Ready to learn. Mistakes can happen, but they need to learn from it, go through process together and make sure they don't repeat them and become better people. Another advantage of being young is that usually, when mistakes do in fact occur, it's not that bad as they get to learn from it and make sure it doesn't happen again. They have time on their side to make things better and again, their willingness to commit to the whole process and journey will be key in ensuring their marriage not only survives, but thrives.

  • Support from friends and family. As a young couple and parents, they will usually have the support, love and care from their friends and family so they never have to worry about extra hands or if they need help in looking after the kids and giving them the love and attention they need, on top of what they give to their kids as parents. Having their grandparents, aunties, uncles and godparents will all form a very strong support system unit for the young family.

  • If planned right and the couple sticks to their plan, they will have a very fulfilling whole lifetime with the kids, get to enjoy and see them go through process of life together. As young parents, they get to see their children grow up and go through the process of life for a long time. This allows them to maximize their time and experience with their kids, giving the whole family a really fulfilling and enriching lifetime filled with love, fun and so much of life's lessons and experiences together.

Now that we've weighed out our pros and cons, it's safe to say that it all boils down to the two people who are about to jump into it. We feel as long as both parties are on the same page, they love each other and are ready to commit to it, it will work out anyways, despite whatever problems they will face a long the way.

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