Does He Really Like You?

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When you are in the dating phase, it can sometimes be quite confusing to know whether or not the guy you are seeing really, really likes you. You could be having the best date ever but then not hear from the guy again and end up feeling completely confused as to what you did wrong. This article will help you figure out the truth – how to know if a guy truly wants to be with you or if he is just not that into you. The fact of the matter is that men are very simple beings – not complicated in the slightest. When a man wants to be with a girl, he will go after her no matter what. It's time to stop making excuses for the men you like and start seeing his actions for what they are. Listed below are 8 things a man will do when he really likes you.

1. He will make an effort to stay in contact with you. Even before you guys start dating, he would have already tried to get your number, Facebook, Instagram, Path and whatever other platforms you are on so he could stay in touch with you.

2. He will call you back and book the first date, second, third, fourth – you get the gist: You will not be waiting around the phone wondering when you'll hear from him again because he is booking the next dates like his life depends on it!

3. He will never be 'too busy' to contact or to see you: Even if he was busy with work or whatever else is going on his life – he will let you know. You won't be left in the dark feeling like you are 'bothering' him in any way. He will be glad to hear from you instead.

4. You won't be left wondering how he feels - he will tell you himself: You won't be asking yourself, "Does he like me?" because he would have already told you or shown it to you through his actions and showing what his intentions are with you.

5. You won't find yourself playing 'games' to keep his attention: Playing 'hard to get' with a man that likes you for real – is not going to be necessary, in fact it might only backfire. When a man likes you, you won't have to do much to 'keep his attention' on you and only you.

6. Nothing will scare him, not commitment, your friends or your past: There is no such thing as "He's just afraid of commitment" or "He's just afraid of getting hurt himself" – leave these excuses behind! Because nothing scares off a man in love – it's just as simple as that.

7. He will involve you in his life and vice versa: You will not be kept a secret or someone he sees when no one else is around. He will show you off to all his friends and family – proud to call you his girlfriend and no one less than that.

8. He will be a man of his words: He won't be saying things he doesn't mean because when a man loves you, he will always keep his words or die trying. Loyalty is key and when there is none of this, then he's just not that into you.

Ladies, remember actions speak louder than words! If the man you are dating does not do any of these things or treats you any less than the above, then please do reconsider his entire feelings and commitment towards you. You deserve the world. And any man who cannot give you this is frankly, just not that into you.

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