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Do Not Believe These Totally False Sex Myths!

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There are so many things that been written about sex in magazines, books, and even manuals from the experts. We even hear innuendos from friends at high school or at the workplace. But are we getting the right information from the right people? There are many common misconceptions on sex. When we adopt and believe it, we may end up on the wrong track in our relationship. It is important that we put these misconceptions into the correct perspective. Here are 5 popular misconceptions and why they are wrong:

1. Size does matter

"Size matters" is a popular belief, especially with men. Most men are concerned about size whereas women do not rate size as an important factor to sexual relationship. Sexual relation is more about the quality of their emotional connection to their partner than their physical attributes. Sex is more about what goes on between the ears than what goes on between the legs, anyway!

2. You can't get pregnant when you're having your period

The male sperm can live up to three days in the warmth of a female uterus and when there is an egg to fertilize, you will get pregnant, thus making this belief untrue.

3. Couples should have sex daily

There is no rule fixed in stone about the healthy frequency to having sex. Every couple should follow their own tide. Besides, what is more important is the quality of your relationship than the frequency of your love making.

4. Sex should always end with an orgasm

Sex is a form of expression of love that is reserved for husband and wife. It is about communication on an emotional level. The bonus of that is the release of tension. The act of making love is a reward on its own. The intimacy, the caress, and the expression of love during the sexual experience are already satisfying, thus deeming concluding it with an orgasm unnecessary.

5. Oral sex is safe sex

This is a dangerous belief. The only time sex is safe is with your spouse. Sex with more than one partner increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

The biggest myth of sex is that it is the main purpose for marriage. That is wrong. Marriage is a holistic institution wherein you can share your life experience together as one with the person you love, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Sex is a form of communication to express love that is reserved solely for the two of you. Don't accept stories that are factually wrong. Accepting them may just leave us on the wrong side of our relationship as what we do will leave us with regretful consequences.

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