Dear Future Wife

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  • Photography: Rylee Hitchner Wedding Photography

First thing's first, I love you very much!

I love how you like to send me random pictures of yourself

As it makes me wonder how I'm able to have such a wonderful fiancé

I love how you like to spend time with me

Even if I would be busy with works and games

I love how you maintain a good communication with me

In the good, the boring, the wonderful and the bad

I love the way you laugh and giggle

It is something I look forward to every time I see you

3 years and I don't find anything to be stale or boring

If anything, I find hanging out with you more exciting but at the same time relaxing

Fun, but at the same time chilled

So as time goes on in our relationship

I find myself more and more content,

Excited and happy to have someone like you

Being with you has been such an incredible experience for me

You once said how you don't know how this relationship has made me better as you only thought you were getting better as a person

Until practically everyone around me told you how this relationship has made me a much more calm, mature, happy and loving person

Do you see now how this relationship has also changed me?

I guess sometimes we all need other people to tell us these things, right?

3 years into this relationship

And we have both changed in such positive ways

So, I cannot wait to see what 20 years will do for us

You baby, are such a good person for me

Everything seems great how it is

And to be honest,

I look forward to see the future ups and downs of our relationship

Because I already trust that we are mature enough to see it through the good and the bad

I've loved you for 3 years,

I love you now and I will love you forever

We have had so much good times

And I cannot wait for more!


  • Photography: Rylee Hitchner Wedding Photography

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